This Christmas…

I laughed. A lot. For the first time in two years, I enjoyed the day. That’s worth celebrating! Did somebody say “martini”?


One thought on “This Christmas…

  1. For me this Christmas was spent with family. A wonderful time was had by all. My mother and I discussed the one thing that would have made it perfect… if my sister and her family had been there – they are oversees and could not make the trip. I too felt that it was the one thing missing. Then I read your last post and thought, if she were here we would have fought all day. As much as I miss her, she has always had a way of making me feel inferior–and I honestly don’t think she does it on purpose. It just happens. Soooo this Christmas I am thankful for a wonderful family gathering and a three hour long distance conversation with my sister that left me missing her–but still loving her.

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