Water Chestnuts

I used to hate water chestnuts more than any veggie I could think of when I was little. I would literally plan how long I could sit at the table and refuse to clean my plate because they we’re not going in my mouth. But now, miraculously, they’re not that bad. I still gag if they’re cut too thick. And I approach each one with much caution because I’m scared that any moment that which I once hated will suddenly re-occur to me.

I’m still not touching cauliflower. Reminds me of the white blood cells that collect in the back of your throat when you have some kind of infection (strep or something). No thanks!

Eat your veggies!


2 thoughts on “Water Chestnuts

  1. Broccoli, collard greens, zucchini, yellow squash, peppers, cabbage, artichoke, green beans, sweet peas, asparagus, raw spinach in salad, cooked sweet carrots, and green leaf lettuce are all wonderful!

    I’d rather fast than eat lima beans, turnip or mustard greens, or brussels sprouts.

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