At 12 they tease you, scare you, throw pitchers of ice cold water on you in Mexican restaurants.

At 35 they move you into your new place at the crack of dawn, let you cry and snot all over their shoulders, share their lives with you and give you the most incredible support in the midst of incredible pain.

Mine’s the greatest!

I love you, Rick.


5 thoughts on “Brothers

  1. Not to butt in however, it wasn’t quite the crack od dawn. More like just before noon.
    You still my man though Rick, my name sake!

    None the less he was there when he was needed, not quite sure when that was on Saturday…hmmm??? LOL!

  2. Okay, now I miss my brothers more than ever! Being the oldest, I haven’t had this experience with the brothers who live near me. And being half a continent away, I haven’t had this experience enough with my brothers who are closer to my age. Although Antoine was there for the first time I went to visit my mother’s grave. Antoine, Timothy, Walter Jr., James and Jeremy… I love you all. Some things just ain’t right in the world.

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