Sunny Southern California

OK, I’m in LA on business and naturally I’ve gotten a little distracted by the water and mountains. The beach is really not my thing; I prefer mountains and lakes. But the west coast does have so much more to offer in terms of nature than back East. A friend from Cali once commented in Maryland that you can’t get up high enough to see anything. Our mountains are foothills in comparison to these. Los Andes did this to me!

You can have L.A., though. It’s like San Diego after someone set off a smog bomb. Yuck! I have seen some interesting stuff…and people.

I’ve yet to check out Santa Monica, which is my true destination. The conference starts Monday, so hopefully I’ll get to see Beverly Hills just to say I was there. I’ll post some pics of my day at Venice Beach when I’m somewhere with a faster connection.

Until Later!


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