Desperately Seeking Diversion

My job is dealing with sexual assault all day long. This has been some week. I need a diversion.

I need something totally silly, fun and carefree to do tonight and for the rest of the 3 day weekend. Oh….and cheap! Skiing’s out for me this weekend. Gotta pay the tax accountant. (see why I need a break!)

I’m soliciting suggestions! I wanna go dancing. Any takers? Any more mindless suggestions?

If I don’t get ideas, there’s always Austin Grill happy hour that starts at 2pm. I’m trying to avoid this option, ok?


4 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking Diversion

  1. Sorry I missed your blog on Friday….but I have something for today. Come help me put a beat down on the security guard here at my building. He told me my picture from before baby girl looks SOOO much better than the me here and now. How is that for a first day back at work after a nice long weekend?!?!?

  2. Now that’s just …. WRONG! He needs to be beaten. I swear, there needs to be a class on what NOT to say to a woman, any woman…let alone one who just had a baby.

    You are a knock out! You always have been and you look great now!

  3. Thanks! LOL. I really need to stop using your blog page as my own personal chat site! LOL. I need to start up another blog of my own….I have too much to tell the world! Now….I need a name for my wonderful piece…

    And, oh yeah, that security guard sucks. I was depressed all day and my self-esteem ran to hide for a while. I am good today though…spit up on my shoulder and all!! I just call it…Baby Love!!

  4. Hey Alexis!

    I hate that I am SO long in finally getting to stop by your blog. I am actually writing this message right now before my class gets started in about 2 minutes. This semester has been more hectic than I ever could have imagined it being! Anyway, I love the blog entries and I am going to try to come back when I can to catch your updates. I wish we could have gone out dancing on the 17th. Lord KNOWS I need a much needed break just as much as the next man! Are you still cutting a rug on the dance floor at the Salsa clubs? 🙂
    Fortunately I was able to get a little salsa dancing in this year but it was back in October. I can’t let so much time go by in between next time. I can’t hang like used to! *lol*
    Anyway, I gotta run, the professor is coming in soon. Take care in the meantime and keep the great stories coming!
    Love and miss you lots!
    Karen D.

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