My Idol


OK. Here’s my American Idol pick. I don’t care what he sounds like or even if he bombs from here on out. I wanna get to look at this guy for the next however many weeks there are left this season. Just in case you were wondering about my taste should I ever decide to explore foreign territory…Here he is! Birkenstock Man! Yummy.
Feel free to make this pic your desktop background. I did.

9 thoughts on “My Idol

  1. The rosy cheeks are acceptable. Makes him look healthy. 😉

    I actually looked at him on some other websites, and this picture does NOT do him justice. This is a good-looking man. I’ve renamed him Birkenstock Brotha because he definitely has some afro-influenced style sense. And the nice body doesn’t hurt either.

    Don’t hate. Beauty comes in many colors. But it almost always wears long dark hair!!!

  2. EEEEWWWWWWW Yuck, I agree skater! What is with that W I D E smile? Maybe this is a not so good picture of him, because it seems like he could be cuter in different light or clothes or shaven or… I’m trying here. You go Birkenstock Bride! Have you checked out Mr. Wong????? He is also interested in Salsa….

  3. …well, the rosy cheeks certainly make him…look…well…like he’s wearing too much make-up. 😦 sorry about that, but he does have nice teeth 😀

    Monique 🙂

  4. OK you two! You have said what everyone else has been tip-toeing around. If he is, well…you know my track record! LMBO!

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