Ace Update?

I heard Ace didn’t do well last night? Did anybody see him? What happened? Black with white pin-stripes is not flattering. He needs to stick to T-shirts.


3 thoughts on “Ace Update?

  1. LOL, yeah, Ace sucked. He wasn’t on at all and he chose a bad song. He might hang in there because of his looks though! Who do you think is gonna be voted off tonight?

  2. See, the thing is that last week I saw the guys and not the girls. This week I saw the girls and not the guys. I think Kevin or Jose need to go and one of the blondes needs to go (not the Calamari one…yet) and Kinnik isn’t going to be around long if she doesn’t kick it into gear.

    What do you think?

  3. I definitely think Jose “Sway” needs to go and Chicken Little is on my list too for the guys. Although, I think Sway might get another chance from America and then I would put David as being out. As for the girls, I am saying Brenna might go just because I think people are sick of her attitude but that may be her saving grace, reality TV loves divas. Hmmm, so my bet goes to Heather and Lisa.

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