Emotional Shifts

I am absolutely amazed at the brain’s capacity to process sooo much in a split second. Especially emotions. There seems to be so much information behind each emotion we feel, and for that to just switch in an instant blows my mind. Well, I guess it should blow my mind, but…it doesn’t…and….that’s why I’m amazed…..yeah! Maybe it did blow my mind after all.

When I came into work today I was absolutely livid. I was mad at the mortgage company, the ex, my bank, the idiot who charged my account $750 for God knows what, the fact that I missed Ace last night on idol trying to get this bank crap straight! I think I cussed in my brain for every step I took towards the office from my car this morning. I ran off all the reasons why I hate all the entities I just mentioned and yes, by the way, how I was going to hate having to call my Executive Director to have her put a stop on my direct deposit so that it too does not get swallowed up in the sink whole that is my checking account. Did I mention that the rent check is out there?

Then, I get into work, make a few phone calls and get actual people to talk to and find out that the ex didn’t pay the mortgage from my bank account, the IRS isn’t garnishing my wages, nobody stole my credit card. Some dyslexic mom trying to send her kid to LEADAmerica, some leadership training institute, transposed the digits in her account number and gave mine instead. Hasn’t it occurred to anyone that account numbers should be random and NOT that easy to get confused? Anyway a few phone calls, faxes and credits to my account and I am a happy woman again. No more “filth, flarn, filths”. Only, “good morning sunshines!” I’m a pleasant person again in a flash. It’s amazing. My body even feels different. I guess that’s the adrenalin shutting off.

Well, happy times now.

Have a great day!


6 thoughts on “Emotional Shifts

  1. LOL. Wow, are you in my brain?!?!? Are our cosmic forces lined up?!?! I was down to $1.27 to my name and bills, bills, bills were coming in daily. The time keeper messed up my time sheet and still put me in as 80 hours leave without pay so I did not get paid, the $50 a week I was supposed to be getting from the unofficial in-laws to help with Jai was not sent b/c jobs were lost, and the people I did some graphic design work for skipped out on paying me. I needed a double breastpump, I needed gas in my guzzling truck, I needed money for daycare, I tore a hole in one of the 3 pairs of pants I can fit and I wanted to replace them (so I don’t seem too nasty to the people at work wearing the same 2 pairs of pants, 3 seems to work out better, LOL). Not to mention, I am hiding my car from the repo people and I am not answering my cell for fear of the bill collectors. But, in an instant things seemed to turn around. I did my taxes and got refunds from both fed and state and C got me a free breastpump. I am still waiting for the money to come into my account but atleast I can tell the collectors that it is coming. So all in all, I feel you cuz…I feel you. I went from depressed and angry (single mama anger syndrome – SMAS) to optimistic and lighthearted once I saw that there was light at the end of what seemed to be the tunnel I was going to have to endure for a while. Moods are funny but they are just that, moods. They move on just as quickly as they come. And the brilliant way God has designed our bodies to work to drive us or hold us back when these moods are upon us is truly amazing. I love me…emotional shifts and all!!! LOL.

  2. What really is amazing is the chemicals created due to neural input during stress…but I digress. I totally sympathise with your situation.

  3. What I’ve got to learn is how to not go off the deep end BEFORE I see that light at the end of the tunnel, cuz there’s always gonna be a light.

    I’m waiting for one now.

    Funny how we’re all totally broke at the same time!

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