Flanagan Again!!

Try saying the title of this post 3 times fast! Better yet, try calling back a place you just called and having to announce that it’s you calling…again! Ahhhhh. The woes of being a Flanagan. But today I welcome them back into my life. I am officially (unofficially) re-inaugurating my birth name. It’s time, even if the courts say otherwise. So, today, I am Alexis Flanagan again. YAAAAY!! It’s all about being Irish, you know. Even if I don’t look it.

I’ve had to be a little defensive at times when people are shocked to see the face behind the name. But who cares? A friend of mine, who may want to identify himself….(hint hint)…wanted to buy me a T-shirt. I thought it would be perfect for me to wear to defend my Irish-nicity. But, since I don’t have it to wear, I’ll post it here:

Gotta love me!!! Hey, everybody think’s I’m going to hell anyway! Here’s more fodder for their judgement.

OK. I’m in rare form today, so let me quit while I’m ahead.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day. Have fun. Don’t drink too much. I’ll handle that part for you. LOL.

(It’s a joke. Please abstract ingot from fundament. Thank you.)


4 thoughts on “Flanagan Again!!

  1. I have a traumatic memory of our last name being abused. When I was in middle school (in my chunkier days) they used to call me Flanaganandagainandagainandagain!

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