Happy 23rd Birthday…Again!!!!

Happy Birthday!
This is my Granny and her youngest great-grandchild, Jaidan.
Today is the yellow Shortie’s birthday.
If you ask her, she’ll say she’s 23 and some days old.
I need that to be a whole lot of days, because if not, that makes me 10 years younger than she! (And we definitely can’t have that, can we?)
Well, happy birthday Granny.
I love you.
Here’s to 23 more!!!!
(Anybody got any Granny stories they want to post?)

3 thoughts on “Happy 23rd Birthday…Again!!!!

  1. Pops asked us to take dear ol’ Granny to the movies to see Madea’s Family Reunion yesterday. It was a wonderful experience. Granny was in rare form. Excited to be going out but fearful of my driving. LOL. She proceeded to tell me many stories about my daddy and his daddy and other people in the family. Driving stories…stories about how many times she has been put out of cars for being a “front seat driver”. LOL. Needless to say I had to tell her to yell all she wants but don’t touch or else we might really have an accident!! LOL. We got there a little late (I had to take my time with the precious cargo)for the first showing so we decided to go to Ruby’s to get a bite to eat before the next show. We all had dessert but Granny had salad so she could watch her “sugar”. During the beginning of the movie at at a few points throughout she “whispered” (LOUDLY) about what was going on and her opinion on things. LOL. On the ride home, we talked some more and she kept saying how much she had enjoyed herself. It was a wonderful day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANNY!!

  2. I love it! My favorite Granny driving story is the one when she asked one of her son’s (maybe my Dad) to teach her to drive so she could get her license.

    He took her to the RFK stadium parking lot and put her in the driver’s seat. She drove around for a little while and couldn’t figure out how to stop. She then (I can SO see her doing this) took her both hands off of the steering while and covered her mouth and then held them turned out in her “I don’t know what just happened” position while the car ran up a heap of dirt that was piled in the parking lot.

    I’m sure I didn’t do the story justice. But that’s my Granny. And SHE’s telling people how to drive?!?!

  3. My Granny’s a good driver. She’s fast, but she’ll tell you in a heartbeat that YOU’re driving way too fast. I think my favorite driving story about her has nothing to do with the mechanics of driving.

    Kwesi and I lived with her for about a year to help look after her and my grandfather, (who died while we were there). At this time, Kaleb was still a baby. Kwesi had the world’s best job for the first few months that we were there — he was a cook at Sonic! OMG, yum!! Did we eat good! Anyway, he got off late one night and I had the car. I packed Kaleb up and prepared to go get Kwesi from work, which was in the next town of Arcadia — a whole… I don’t know… 22 minutes away?

    My grandmother gets this instant look of concern. (You have to understand that her house is in the pitch-black-at-night woods of Louisiana.) “Where are you going with that baby?”

    “I’m going to get Kwesi from work.”

    “This time of night? With that baby?”

    “Yes, ma’am.” What choice did I have? Kwesi could have spent the night at Sonic, but then I wouldn’t have gotten my cherry limeade.

    My grandmother proceeds to put on coat, hat, grab her big ol’ pocketbook (not purse) and come with me. As she’s getting in the car, I see her slide something under the front seat.

    “What’s that?” I ask. With the seriousness of a neurosurgeon, she pulls it out and shows me a small handgun. My mouth falls open in shock.

    “What? You never know what could happen on the road!”

    Who knew granny was packin’…

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