ISO Bid Whist Players

Does anybody play Bid Whist? I am in-search-of at least 2 other people who are interested in playing, preferrably more.

If you don’t know what Bid Whist is….it’s Spades for grown-ups! LOL. It really isn’t that complicated. I’m a pretty good teacher, but I’m looking for the seasoned to have some fun on the weekends. (I think I’m turning into my parents!) But, this really does sound like fun to me.

I need someone to bring the clam-dip (don’t knock it ’til you try it – I too was a skeptic) and a few other snacks and drinks and we’ve got ourselves a party. Oh yeah, I’ll supply the place too.

Let me know if you’re interested.


5 thoughts on “ISO Bid Whist Players

  1. Honestly….if I could play I would be there! LO>. I know….how can I not know how to play virtually growing up at 1148?!?!?! I couldn’t even begin to tell you how the game goes…I just know the older you get the more intense the game becomes to you! LOL. Enjoy…and if you ever want to engae in some childish spades fun…I am down. My years at OHHS will represent on the spades table!!!

  2. All righty then! I will happily do a refresher course for those who need refreshing…and Kris, since you rock spades, the big kid’s game will be easy for you to pick up.

    T and K want to learn, so I’ll be working on them to get them up to speed to roll with the big dogs!!!

    I’m full of it! You guys will probably spank me……ummmm….doubt it!!! LOL.

    Let’s do it!!

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