cyn·i·cism (sn-szm) n.

1. An attitude of scornful or jaded negativity, especially a general distrust of the integrity or professed motives of others

2. A scornfully or jadedly negative comment or act


I am definitely feeling a little, ok, a LOT cynical these days about a few hot topics for me. I know this and I don’t need anybody pointing it out to me. Self-awareness is a beautiful, beautiful thing. It’s a place I hope I won’t stay for very long. I hate hating and distrusting so much. (Although, I believe wholeheartedly that a lot of what/who I am most cynical about (towards?) should be distrusted and questioned!)

I’m curious about people’s thoughts on cynicism. What’s the value? What’s the harm? What’s the middle ground? What are you cynical about? I am SO cynical about political correctness…and, oh yeah, the church and church folks…and brothas. If you’ve read my site, you know the deal. I have tried to hide much of my cynicism in my feable attempts at eloquence…but today, I’m even cynical about eloquence. Just say it! Dang it!!

I know my cynicism is rooted in experience, a ton of experience that has caused tremendous pain that will not disappear overnight. In some areas I feel this experience leaves me all the wiser, in others, dangerously skeptical in that, if unchanged, it will prevent some channels of love into my life.

I’m cynical, at the moment, about “process”. It’s like a buzz word for what’s going to fix all the evils in your life. I know healing is a process, desite how easily sarcasm and snide remarks roll off of my tongue. I’m not really enjoying this place.

I guess I should tell you before you comment on this post that I am cynical about people who think they have the answers, as well. Please be brave enough to not let that dissuade you from entering into this discussion. A discussion is exactly what I’m inviting here. I’m not asking to be fixed.

That said. Any thoughts on cynicism? Any stories of your own? What are other people cynical about?

I did a self- test on this site:

Here are my results:

The Official Cynic’s Self-Test
You have potential. While you’re not yet a full-blown cynic, you exhibit promising talents in that direction. Go ahead and explore the sample definitions from The Cynic’s Dictionary to see if you agree.

9 thoughts on “Cynicism

  1. LOL. I just used this word to describe myself earlier today in an email! LOL. I am cynical, no doubt. It drives me I believe. I can tell I am being cynical and know I am wrong for it but I can’t stop myself. The devil has me all caught up. I guess I am cynical because I believe that no one cares. Because I believe that everyone has themselves at the heart of everything they do/say and they only do for you so that in the end they can turn around and ask for something or pat themselves on the back. Oh and then you have those that do for you because they are just too plain scared to do for themselves and I pity those people and they honestly disgust me to a point so it fuels my cynicism. LOL. I think I am or can potentially be cynical about anything/everything. Is it because truly I am selfish?

  2. My results….

    The Official Cynic’s Self-Test
    You’re in the right place. Welcome, fellow cynic! Be sure to read the sample definitions from The Cynic’s Dictionary. And check out the other features at this site.

  3. I think this is a MUCH better definintion:

    Cyn-ic: an idealist whose rose-colored glasses have been removed, snapped in two, and stomped into the ground, immediately improving his vision.

  4. I think, to a degree, that cynicism is the antithesis to hope.

    I think it serves me well when the inevitable pain of relationship begs to be avoided

  5. Process… I like the idea and the word. It’s refreshing, because it lets me know that this isn’t all there is. I don’t have to stay here. Probably goes along with that compulsive thing; ever striving for complete order, unswayed by the fact that it can never be achieved as long as other people exist in your life to any degree.

    Cynicism. I think it’s healthy to see reality, no matter how good, bad or ugly it is. I also think it’s healthy to be disgusted by depravity — ours and others’.

    I think it’s unhealthy for cynicism to become a permanent houseguest. If it visits, it should have its stay and then go on its way before it wears out its welcome.

    I think I’ve been most cynical about myself, at my own failures. It really caused me to be easier on other people when I had to deal with the telephone pole in my own eye. When I find myself assuming the worst of people, lately I’ve been reminded to consider that it wasn’t long ago that I was the scum of the earth too. If God could change me, why not the other bastards, idiots, a**holes, and jerks in the world?

  6. My results…

    The Official Cynic’s Self-Test

    You have potential. While you’re not yet a full-blown cynic, you exhibit promising talents in that direction. Go ahead and explore the sample definitions from The Cynic’s Dictionary to see if you agree.

  7. I should work harder to get in touch with my inner bastard, idiot, a**hole and jerk. I’m sure some of you see her a lot more clearly than I do.

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