Comfort Clothing

This morning one of my co-workers walked over to me and said, “Listen, I have this book that a friend gave to me and it really served me well when I was down and wanted to be curled up on the couch in my jammies all the time. Now, since I’m not the spiritual type, I thought it would serve you well for a while.” Wasn’t that sweet? It’s a shame to have to mention this, but I am so surprised when women are loving to each other. (Another post…I’ll try to resist my urge to follow that tangent.) The book…it’s called Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach. I’ll get back to the book in a sec.

I am touched that she noticed how down I was yesterday. I really wanted to be on my sofa, in my jammies, shoving chocolated down my throat, watching reality tv, writing in a brand new journal I had spent WAY too much money on. (I told you I’ve got escapism down to a science.) I haven’t actually bought the journal (though journaling would be the one healthy option out of this list) but I do fantasize about spending money on a fabulous one, often.

Well, the book is broken into little readings for each day of the year. Today’s reading was about comfort clothes and what they mean. What a perfect reading for today. I sit here at my computer with my favorite long-sleeved T-shirt on and my most comfy jeans. My shoes are off, naturally, since they’re the first things to go when I walk into the house…or work…so what? And I am reclined at my desk, laptop where it belongs – on my lap, feet where they belong-propped up on my desk. Now, before you hate how “unprofessional” this seems to be…wouldn’t you be more productive at work if you could dress in your comfy clothes everyday and take your shoes off?

Boxes! Little Boxes! I think women who have a clue should set the tone for what is beautiful and acceptable when it comes to our clothing. No one wants to wear itchy, sweaty, noisy clothes that pinch, ride up (or down), have to be dry-cleaned and worn a size to0 small (because, who the hell can buy new suits with every weight fluctuation?).

I was at my friend Tania’s house yesterday when she came home from work. I looked at her and was stunned for a second. My first thougth was, “man, who died?” She was decked out in her dark suit and blouse, complete with pantyhose and pumps. On a Tuesday!!! That has got to be the worst. I love working at a non-profit (except of course…for the lack of profits.)

What is it about comfortable clothes that makes life so much better? When I think about yesterday, I had on a new pair of jeans that was not quite broken in right, wedge-heeled loafers, and a sweater. Not what I consider comfy cozy…and I felt like crap. I’m sure it wasn’t just the clothes, but I bet if I’d worn what I have on today, my outlook would have been a little brighter.

Here’s to comfort clothes and burning high heels! Except….they look so good!

Pain, the price for beauty?


5 thoughts on “Comfort Clothing

  1. I hear you! COMFY CLOTHES!! But let’s take it all one step further and just forget the clothes unless you are cold (or just plain embarrassed)! I want to be able to walk the world in whatever I choose not to wear. THAT would be my most comfortable state. That would make me super productive and cut down on my prep time in the morning which is insane not because I dress to the nines but because since I have such a negative viewpoint on clothing, half of mine look like crap!! Power to the nudist!!!

    And another point, I do believe that this is another mind over matter thing. When we feel comfy we feel good so we get stuff done so that we can feel even better (accomplished) and then relax. When we are stuffed into suits and feel uncomfortable we are unhappy. Change the mind and the mood follows. Plus, ,when you are in a suit, you automatically feel like you have to be stiff (whether it is because the clothes are snug is a different matter!) so therefore you put yourself into a stiff mentality which is also no fun. I am rambling now but you all get the point. I am comfy today so hopefully I will be productive and not goof off. (Wow, what an office with a door and a lock will do to one’s will power to work… LOL.)

  2. I hear you both on the comfy clothes thing! When I worked in non-profit, we got advance notice of visitors in case we needed to put on our professional look on a particular day. Most of the time, jeans and sweats worked just fine. This corporate thing ain’t where it’s at!

    I would love to wear jeans or sweats and sneakers every single day. I think this is why I get so much done on days off. How much can you really get done if you hesitate to walk because the shoes hurt???

    And yes, they don’t pay enough money to allow me to buy enough suits in 3 different sizes, depending how bloated I am that day.

    Let’s take this thing a step further: Why don’t more companies just let us work from home? I know I’d get more done because my feet wouldn’t be pinched!

    And yes, Lexi, that suit has seen its share of funerals!

  3. I haven’t really tried working from home for somebody else. I know when I try to do my own things from home I get extremely distracted. I don’t know it that’s part of the Procrastinator’s Code of Conduct or the ADD, but it’s a problem.

    I think I could do it if there was accountability…like, my boss waiting for me to get something done.

    I am all for working in Jammies with stank breath and crusties. Although, that’s just a small step above my day to day. LOL.

  4. Comfy clothes rule! It sucks when you second guess wearing them though since you don’t necessarily look “dressed” to most. When working with kids who has time to try and bend with ease so you don’t tilt in your heels or hold them two feet from you so they don’t mess you up? Dry cleaning ain’t cheap if you have to do it every week for every article. You really do get so much more done when you are comfortable and free to move. But I do adore being “dressed” and stealing everyone’s attention. Though it is a funny day when you feel and look like crap, but get hit on from every side. Power to the comfy clothes and being free to be while in them!

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