I haven’t posted in forever! I’m getting like my friends I make fun of who I’ve linked to my site for GOD only knows what reason. LOL

I’m gearing up for lots of travel over the next month and a half. That’s pretty exciting, but it’s mostly for work. I need to learn the art of living efficiently out of a suitcase. Any ideas? Here are my biggest challenges:

  1. Hair care! I need a minimalist hair style that doesn’t involve heavy bottled products or heavy, odd-shaped irons. I am already cursed with having to wash my hair several times a week (more in the summer) so the shampoo and conditioner are already weighing me down.
  2. My computer. I swear I must have the heavist laptop known to man. Does anyone else have a Dell Inspiron 1300. I feel like it weighs a ton. My latest space saving stroke of genius was to put the laptop in my carry-on bag (goal: that this be my only bag, ever, even if I’m gone for a month). The problem is that in the airport I have to unpack the bastard and put it in it’s own gray scanning tray!! It’s hardly worth ditching the laptop bag.
  3. Then there’s shoes!! Now, I know the ladies understand me. I live at two extremes on this one: wear my lime green flip-flops with every outfit…or take the right shoes for every outfit! The middle ground is only pack black and wear the same shoes with everything…but I am trying SO hard to break free of the black (with little success).
  4. Going out! Dressing for most conferences is easy (at least in my field), but what if I want to go out? Do I just continue to throw on the same cute top with the black slacks from the morning on every night? (Listen to me sounding like I have a social life! LOL) And, again, there’s the shoes!!!
  5. I have a growing accumlation of electronics that must travel with me too: power cord for laptop, cell phone charger, digital camera, battery charger, Epilady…They’re space killers!

I need some help and fast. I’ve got Minneapolis, Boston, Miami, Gibsland (don’t ask!), and Myrtle Beach in the next 6 weeks. I’m trying to find a way to slip Seattle and Atlanta in, but I’m not sure I can pull it off!

Is there and expert packer out there who can get a sistah downsized?!


4 thoughts on “Packing

  1. I wouldn’t be able to help you with the packing…put maybe if i saw the shoes and the outfits…i could help you…also i can get you some quarters for laundry 🙂

    More seriously, packing is one thing that maybe i should be good at…because i’m toting babies around everywhere i go…but what i usually do is decide how many bags i want to take (or can keep up with), which bags to take, then i start with packing the basic needs (toothpaste, comb, brush, gameboy), then i move on to outfits (and extra underwear), and lastly i think about the last minute things that i might need.

    Don’t know if that helps…but it works for taking babies (or even husband) someplace.

  2. It always helps to roll the articles of clothing. This help to make more space for more things. But then you’ll have to have an iron thats easily assessible. OR go out wrinkled!!!

  3. Blogger was on crack earlier and I couldn’t log on! OK. Now that it’s fixed…

    I go back and forth about the rolling clothes. Sometimes I think it gives me more space, but other times I think I have more space when I fold things and put them in the suitcase flat. One thing for SURE is that when I roll clothes the suitcase is heavier! (I guess that’s because I have more space and just fill it up!) who knows? I’ll see what works come Monday!

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