So, my co-worker and I are at a conference in Boston. We noticed, before dinner, that they are having a prom tonight in the hotel where we’re staying. After dinner (and a couple of drinks) we decided to go to prom! I didn’t get to go to my own because I was on exchange in Argentina. So tonight I went. Charlestown High School, Boston, Mass. It was so much fun!!!

The highlights: Boodi-licious dresses, dude with Popeye airbrushed on the back of his tux, girl who walked by and said hi to the strange women in the back in flip-flops who dropped her bra at our feet as she walked off, dancing the last latin number with the one latino boy who could keep the beat who says, “I don’t even know who you guys are, are you teachers?” Me: “don’t worry about it!” Boy: “don’t worry about it?????” LOL. It was a riot. I had much more fun than I’m sure I would have at my own. After all, I had on flip-flops and I didn’t have to keep tugging at a satin death trap!!

…i got the right temperature to shelter you from the storm… LOL

too much fun!



5 thoughts on “Prom!

  1. LOL. I am glad you got to shake you rump to some good music with some young, hopefully hot, guys! LOL. I am sure you made the night just as memorable for them… hey, you better make sure your pic doesn’t end up floating around on myspace as a “lost love”! HA!! 😉

  2. …I’m with Kris on that one…Think i may open up a myspace account (j/k) I’m really glad you had a great time.

  3. Wasn’t it freeing to dance at a prom in flip-flops???

    I didn’t go to my prom, partially because I can’t dance. But at 32, I just might have tried it last week!

    Glad you had a blast!

  4. LOL you ladies can get away with ANYTHING! If a guy were to try that, he’d be seen as stalker or pedophile or something. I could see him trying to explain it to the police. But officer i wasnt doing anything bad, i was just trying to relive my childhood. :p

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