6.6.06 Beware!!


Yaaaay! But what a day to have a birthday, huh? People have already expressed their concern, and I can’t tell you that I don’t understand. Here’s some history on my lovely day:

June 6, 1944: D-Day. Eisenhower gives the go ahead for the invasion of Normandy.

June 6, 1949: George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four is published.

June 6, 1958: Truth or Consequences goes off the air! (Horror!)

June 6, 1997: A teenage mother gives birth and murders her baby in a bathroom stall at prom.

Ok, so I only remember one of these, but think of the implications. My birthday symbolizes American aggression, intrusive government and oppressive bureaucracy, the end of great television (rotf), and the demise of the conscience of our youth! Yep, sounds about like the June 6ths of years past have set the stage appropriately for today. Viva Damien! LOL

(Have I mentioned that I already know I’m going to hell, so there is no need for the religious wrong to remind me?!)

So far, so good though. It’s a beautiful day. The weather’s perfect. I woke up in a great mood and I had a brownie with pecans for breakfast because it’s my birthday and I can!

Well have a great day!

~From Damien to you.


6 thoughts on “6.6.06 Beware!!

  1. LOL — Girl, ain’t nothing wrong with a brownie for breakfast!

    I think all the fuss is quite comical. I find joy in the creepy and supernatural, but all the fuss is hilarious to me.

    Why do people take 666 seriously, but not the rest of the bible? Gimme a break! You have to be a little off (or high) anyway to even understand most of Revelation. So I say live and rejoice! We may die today? We may die ANY day!

    And Lexi isn’t going to hell. She’s just gonna ride a Harley into Heaven!

    Happy Birthday, Chick!

  2. LOL. Alexis! I have been waiting all morning for this blog! I have checked the site atleast 10 times since I got to work. I just KNEW you were going to put something up about the mark of the beast! Thanks for the laugh and the horror….did that teenager killing the baby at prom thing really happen?!?!? Yikes! Anyway, have an absolutely wonderful day! I say brownies for lunch and dinner too! Forget the calorie crunch for the day! I will help you out by munching on some brownies along with some brownie batter Ben and Jerry’s ice cream!! Yum! Have a blessed one.

  3. aaahhhhhh….double fudge brownie ben and jerry’s my favorite. (yes i’m a guy who likes ben and jerry’s)

    I’ve never had any other flavor but double fudge brownie. I just can’t bring myself to try another. It’s soooo good.

    I like the creepy and supernatural as well. I was born on Aug. 13th and love screwing with people when it lands on Fri 13th.

  4. Happy Birthday!! Forget the 6.6.6 and enjoy! Brownies, burgers, cheese fries, cake, ice cream,anything you want! Today is your day, enjoy!

  5. I forgot to tell you that Kwesi’s sister Ama had a baby girl on your birthday. And the kicker… this is her 6th child!


  6. Girl, number 6 born on 6/6/06! She’s in trouble. It’s enough that she has a girl Gemini (trust me, I know!) But she’s gonna have lot’s of fun. The girl will keep her laughing (when she doesn’t want to kill her…or when the girl’s not burning down the house as a sacrifice to…well, you know!) LOL

    Suerte, Ama!!

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