Why are men pigs? I’m sorry for the generalization, but if you read on you’ll see that it’s not mine alone.

I just got on the elevator to get lunch. There were 3 middle-aged (I believe this is a safe assumption) Arab men on the elevator already engaged in conversation. Here’s what I walked in on:

Man 1: So, why do you shave your beard?
Man 2: My wife doesn’t really like it.
Man1: What about the girlfriend?
Man 2: What girlfriend? I don’t have any girlfriend?
Man 1: Why not?
Man 2: Wife wouldn’t like it.
Man 1: You don’t tell her. You just make (get) one!
Me: (Make eye contact with Man 1 and roll my eyes in annoyance.)
Man 3: I’m sorry, just having
some “man conversation”.

Is THAT what “man conversation” is all about? PIGS!!!


2 thoughts on “Man-Pigs

  1. LOL this is funny Lexi. It’s not ok to lump all men in this catagory. But it IS ok to lump all arabs in this catagory. They are f’in nuts for the most part. I’m convinced there is bad wiring a foot. hehe i’m just in a really good mood. Yeah those guys were a-holes

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