I Really Should Be Sleeping

It’s 1am and I am wide awake! This is happening far too often for the last couple of weeks. It’s not insomnia. It’s not like I’m trying to sleep and can’t. I’m just wide awake. I’m a night-owl by nature, but since I need to get up at 5:15 to get to the gym in time for my power lifting class I need to sleep! Yes, that’s right, power lifting at 5:30am. I workout, you know! You didn’t know?

I think it’s hilarious how fat people turn into workout snobs after their second trip to the gym. Suddenly they’re (who am I kidding…WE’re) experts in all things weight loss and how dare you mere mortals not take better care of yourselves? It’s hilarious to watch when it happens in other people, but I know I get gym-cocky myself, especially when I start to see results. I just need someone to periodically tap me on my shoulder and remind me, “um, excuse me, but….you’re still fat!”

Workout snob anecdote: I had dinner with a friend tonight and her hair looked great. I actually thought, “Oh she must not workout!” I could make this judgment because there I sat with my reverting roots. Reverting roots? Oh, I’ll happily explain for my non-afro readers… Most black women put a lot of time, effort, heat and chemicals into obtaining straight hair. When we reach desired straightness, we fear all things wet, humid, or sweat producing…like the gym. Why? Well, see, the chemical straightening doesn’t affect the “new growth” (like brown roots on bleached blondes). Their temporary straightness is only an illusion that is quickly shattered by…well, water. It’s always a consideration for me when I start a workout routine. There is some cost to my hair. I’m either going to wear a ponytail, work too hard to do my hair anew daily, or wear my hair “natural”. (Oh man, this is shaping up to be a post I never intended. )

I get mixed reviews when I wear my hair in its natural state…well, as close to natural as I get with my relaxer…I’ll call it my wash and wear state. (I don’t think I know what my natural state looks like anymore. I’ve relaxed my hair since I was 7!) Anyway, my girlfriends and non-black co-workers seem to like it. My male friends of color….well, put it like this, one day a guy friend saw my hair and was like, “did you go to WORK like that?” Like what??? I had to remind him that I’m black and that my hair doesn’t naturally flow over my shoulders. What’s up with that?!?

How did I go from gym-cockiness to natural vs. relaxed hair? Sleep deprivation. That’s how.

Let’s go back to the gym for a minute. I met with my trainer on Monday. She did my baseline measurements, explained my program to me and then told me that I need to be eating 1300-1500 calories per day. I looked at her, nodded and smiled and said, “oh, ok!” Translation: “Are you out of your mind! I don’t balance my checkbook, and you think I’m going to sit here and count the calories in the food I eat! How am I supposed to know how many calories are in food. You have got to be kidding me. I refuse to be one of those freaks eating bird-sized portions of boneless chicken breast, contemplating where they have wiggle room in their “points”, or whatever the hell they use to measure calories, for the snickers mini-bite later in the day! Crackhead! I’ll tell you what. If we see progress, let’s say I’m in the calorie range. If not. We’ll make adjustments…kinda like me and my checkbook.” Yes, I thought every bit of that statement in that moment and I stand by it now. I refuse to diet. Not going to happen. It takes me back to my eating disorder days. That’s bad news for me. Too much control. I’ll be conscious not to overdo it on sugar, fatty junk foods and salt. I’ll make sure to get in reasonable amounts of fresh fruits and veggies and water. And, I’ll try to eat more slowly so that my brain has time to tell my mouth we’re full. But that’s about it! All other progress has to be made in the gym. Because, I work out, you know.

Seriously though. I feel a lot better since I’ve started moving. My gym has funky summer hours, so I can’t get in there at all the times I’d like to, but anything is better than what I’d been doing. Working out reduces cravings for junk food/sweets for me. And so does Vibe, the multi-nutrient supplement I started taking a couple of months ago. I just bought my refill…need to pick that up from you Tania. Yes, Kwesi and Tania are my Vibe pushers. Kwesi really. Contact him for a really good product (and business opportunity, LMAO). I’m sorry. I hate anything with the word “downline”, and rightfully so! But I do swear by the product. There you go Kwes. That’s all you get from me! Just keep my supply comin’ OK?

So, tonight I’m giving…gym cockiness, natural hair, dieting, multi-level marketing and the dangers of sleep deprived blogging a second thought.

Any thoughts?

Nite. Nite.


7 thoughts on “I Really Should Be Sleeping

  1. http://www.thedailyplate.com is wonderful for helping with calorie counting if you are a slave to your computer. I personally count my calories and don’t workout. It is easier on my body! LOL. I need to get in the gym and yes, you did give my the gym cockey answer the other day when I first asked you about the whole weight lose endeavor. All praise be to the dumb bells!!

  2. KRIS: OK. This site is reasonable. It does it all for you and I don’t have to walk around with a check-out counter sized booklet in my back pocket that gives calories for foods I’d never eat anyway.

    And, yes, muscle tone is the key to boosting that metabolism… LMAO! I’m sorry for being a jerk. You are welcomed to say so at the time, you know! Or, just send me periodic e-mails that say, “thanks for your sage weight loss advice, but, um….you’re still fat!!” LOL.

  3. UPDATE: OMG! I just signed up on thedailyplate.com. I’ve only had lunch today and I’m already 189 calories OVER my daily “limit”.

    I thought I was going to play around with this page and end up making my point, that calorie counting is pointless…but I’m going to be progressless if left to my own devices!! I thought I was doing well today. I may have over-estimated the number of servings in my pink lemonade. Yeah. That’s it.

    Instant calorie saver: DRINK WATER!! CHECK!!!

  4. You are absolutely awesome…and you’re right about the gym cockey-ness. After my first work out session with Denise Austin on DVD, I went to my doctor and let them know that “I started working out”. It’s funny! You feel so great afterwards and you just want everyone to know that you’re doing something good for yourself…and they should take the hint.

    I don’t do much calorie checking myself, but i know i’m always over the regular 2,000 daily limit. BTW, i just baked some brownies last night…we can wash it down with water…

  5. Oh yes honey….do you think I down water because I love it?!?!?! Well, yes I do love water but beyond that I need the calories that I could be drinking from fruit juices and other fanciful flavored drinks to go towards my MEALS for the day! LOL. Oh how I yearn for the days of yesteryear where I could eat anything I wanted chased by sprite and fruit punch mixed…..alas, that is no longer. Even if my fat is “mommy fat” which people tend to say is just meant to be on my body…I want it gone and if drinking water all day every day to quench my thirst is going to help get me there…hey, I can do it!! Isn’t the site just amazing though?!!? I tend to go in once I get through with breakfast (or even before) to “plan” out my meals for the say so I can make sure I fit in that mini snicker! LOL. Other days, I just say “f”(orget) it. LOL. I want to eat with the skinny people too!! šŸ™‚

  6. Yeah Lexi I looked at the food chart on my fridge yesterday and sold myself on vibe. You can eat all of this, 5 servings of this and please…impossible! or.. have an once of Vibe. LOL

  7. Natural hair.

    I have been working in corporate America for nearly 6 years now. I have tried my ethnic styles on occasion and gotten the same mixed reviews. Either way too much attention from my white co-workers who were obviously having trouble dealing with my 2-strand twists and attempting to cope with a much-too-big smile, or shrugs from brothers who disdain my daring to come to work without “done” hair. But most of my black sisters have been supportive. I can count on them… sometimes.

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