Drawback of being Outted

I really want to vent about annoying people in my office. Those posts are some of my favorites to read. The problem is that I’ve been outted. My co-workers know I blog. They don’t know my site (that I know of), but I’m sure they can find it.

But, DAMN IT…. Stop TALKING to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok. That will have to do for now.

Peace. (Ah, I long for peace.)


5 thoughts on “Drawback of being Outted

  1. WellI say if they can talk to you all day long about stuff youcould careless about. You inturn can talk am I sorry blog about them even if they don’t want to hear it. That’s the way I see it…

  2. oooh that really sucks how did they find out? I keep mine of the DL and I do not even go to my blog from work! I need to let stuff out and they can not know the hand I’m playing. You should change sites the name of it everything and start over.

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