Anorexic Me!

You’ll have to read the next post to understand why this hideous pic is here. I couldn’t get it to upload in Blogger, so I had to Blog This from Picasa and here it is in a new post.

Anyway, here I was 119 lbs., lightheaded and miserable. Never going back here!!!

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12 thoughts on “Anorexic Me!

  1. Oh, my! Glad you aren’t starving yourself now. (At least, I think it’s safe to assume you’re not, judging by the way you phrased the caption.)

  2. You look like you did when you came back from Atlanta when we were in Junior High—don’t go back there you look GREAT how you are now…and this comes from someone who has seen you many sizes over the last 27 years!!

  3. You know what?!?!? I am sad to say that if THAT is what anorexia looks like … how can I be down?!?! Just let me keep my boobs as is but I will take the abs, thighs and butt anyday….and no, I am not gay, I just know what looks good! LOL.

  4. KMF, unfortunately those aren’t abs — they’re ribs!! But she does look pretty good from the waist down. I guess this is ethnic girls’ anorexia! We can’t lose our butts no matter how hard we try! Boy, am I starting a fight now!

  5. @ Caryn

    No, I’m no longer starving myself. The pendulum has actually swug a bit to far to the other extreme. I’m working on balance. Thanks for your comments.

    @ Tania (Katrice)

    My cheeks are still behind me. Cheeks and thighs go nowhere, no matter what I do. And, I’m not complaining.

    @ Kwesi

    Did the boys not notice how the girls (for the most part) shyed away from the negative comments! Although it seems like consensus is, as MC-Mutt put so stunningly, “I like you fat!”

    @ Shellie

    I was actually 5lbs. lighter (114) that summer. It’s a shame that I remember that. But at least then it was because my country grandmother walked me to death, even though I had smothered pork chops and grits for breakfast!! Ah, to have the metabolism of a 13 year old again!


    Too funny! It is true that I would take back the abs and below in a heartbeat. The problem is how I got there. Hopefully I’ll those back, but toned and healthy this time. I wasn’t even toned in this pic. Just skinny and don’t forget LIGHTHEADED!! That’s never sexy.

  6. LOL, that is true, let me say from the last rib rack and down…looks good to me and I will gladly exchange my rolling thunder for a little kapow! LOL.

  7. @ Lex…yeah lightheaded is never sexy to YOU but to the guy who is trying to “get some easy coo-coo” lightheaded is HOT!!

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