Make it Stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am itching!!! Again! It’s been going on for at least a year now, and I am officially about to die! “What’s been going on?” you ask. These dang-blasted hives! I have tried to identify what causes mild outbreaks on my arms some days and full-blown hive attacks from my neck to my ankles on other days. I’ve tried avoiding: dairy, mushrooms, coke, coffee, citrus acid, Corona (my God I had the worst outbreak ever after 3 Coronas one night) and God knows what else over the past year and I still get them. They’ll go away for a few days, maybe even a week or two and then, they’re back. I’ve even gotten them on days I’ve eaten absolutely nothing!

I’m tired of looking like I have fleas as I scratch constantly in public because I CAN’T HELP IT! Make it stop. Somebody. Anybody.

I’ve had allergy tests (the blood ones not the 200 pin prick ones) and nothing! I don’t know of one thing I’m allergic to. But this is about to make me insane.

Anybody get hives? Anybody know how to get RID of them?


6 thoughts on “Make it Stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Like I told you, I get hives when I miss my mom. LOL. Like FAL said, maybe it is stress or hormones. You have had some major events happen in your life since this has been going on so maybe it has to do with all of that. All I can say to help is – bathe, mosturize, wear hand mitts to prevent scratching and drink plenty of water! LOL. Not much help, huh?!?!?

  2. I have to go with stress on this one especially if what you ingested are things that normally don’t bother you at all…Drink more water–flushing your system is always a good start.

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