HTML Literacy

Yay!!! I have successfully added a “Best of” pulldown to my sidebar.


I can’t say that html makes any sense to me at all, but I’m at the very least functionally html illiterate. Thanks to my tutors!

I still don’t know what my criteria will be for adding to that list, but I like having the option. I may be creating more work for myself…like updating the “What I’m Reading” section. I need to remove Life of Pi. Couldn’t do it folks. I tried for 3 weeks and just couldn’t get going. I finally asked someone how it ends…glad I didn’t force myself through it. Lots of people thought it was great. I wanted to drown myself in the bathtub. Anybody read it? What did you think?

Well, that’s it for today. I watched Food Network, read blogs, updated mine with a handy-dandy thanks to Andy best of list…and didn’t pack a thing!

Have I mentioned that I need to be packed by Thursday because Friday morning I leave for vacation…and return the night before the move?


6 thoughts on “HTML Literacy

  1. I’m rubbish with html. I find it annoying.

    I’m exactly the same when it comes to packing. Last minute Debbie is what I’m called.

  2. @ Andy


    @ Debbie

    I don’t particularly care for html, but I hate for someone else to have to do something for me that I can just as soon do myself…if I knew how to do it.

    And, the crazy thing about me being a last minute packer is that I’m still compulsive about it. Everything has to be packed perfectly and properly and waiting for the movers when they arrive. None of that throwing stuff in boxes while people are carrying things out. I hate disorganized movees. (the ex was a mover–I caught it, I guess).

  3. Having moved 10 times in the last 15 years I totally understand your problem… Now that we have the house the issue is trying to unpack all the stuff in the “Now why the hell did I keep this” category. My advice to you is TOSS TOSS TOSS…throw out whatever you can!! In the list of crazy things about me, we can add that I once threw out a whole sink full of dishes because I was moving and did not want to wash them or pack them!! I bring new meaning to the words “lazy heifer”.

  4. Don’t you generally need a vacation after a move, not before one? Love the blog, impressed by the newfound HTML knowledge and application of said knowledge, and I’ll be back for more.

    Enjoy the vacation…and good luck on the move.

  5. @ Shellie

    All things are disposable. All things!

    @ Joe

    Welcome. Please come back.

    I know it’s nuts, but it just worked out that way. Vacation was scheduled and I found out I had to move kinda by surprise. The 1st available date was right after vacation.

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