Packing Procrastination

This image really has very little to do with this post. I just switched to Firefox and am suddenly able to upload images in blogger again. I thought it was an ie issue, but I was able to upload images to my blog from other computers using ie. Oh, well. Don’t know what that’s about, but it’s fixed. Internet Exlporer suck!

While this is a random photo from my pics, this is how I feel about my kitchen at the moment. I started packing yesterday with lots of help. We packed my bookshelf, my dishes, stemware, pots, pans and pictures and basically all that’s left are my clothes and the food from the kitchen. I really don’t have that much stuff. Books and dishes comprise the vast majority of my possessions. That’s probably pathetic, but it’s true. I love dishes because I adore entertaining. And books…well, they’re books. Gotta love them.

But I have to pack the rest of the kitchen and clean it and that turns the place I have enjoyed so much into Hell’s Kitchen. I really hate cleaning unless I am particularly motivated to do so … like if 25 people will be at my house for dinner in 2 hours. I love a clean place and usually I am clean, if not neat and tidy, but “a place for everything, and everything in its place” is a torture mantra for me. I’m a slob. Shoes get kicked off at the door. Bags get dropped on my way to the bathroom. Clothes usually make it in the hamper unless I’m trying to go somewhere else while undressing, then they just land on the floor on the way. I pick them up when I have more time and am not preoccupied with another goal. It’s just how I live. When I was a teenager my mom used to say that she didn’t understand why I wasn’t ashamed to have company in my bedroom when we couldn’t see the floor. My thing was, if the don’t like it, they don’t have to come over. I’ve had tons of fun on top of mounds of dirty and clean laundry all intermixed. (Yeah, I pretty much sniff tested clothes to get dressed most mornings.) I told you I’d disgust you eventually with all my ladylikeness!

Anyway, since I’m so impulsive it’s very hard to get this packing done until I’m feelin’ it. When I feel it, it will all get in the boxes, perfectly protected and organized in a flash. But until I have that impetus, it’s hell to think of all that remains to be done. It’s not like I don’t have the time to do it. It’s just not what I feel like doing at the moment. What do I feel like doing at the moment? Why, sitting here on my couch and watching Food Network. All. Day. Long. And, it’s probably what I’m going to do unless Amani, my friend with limitless energy and drive and get-to-it-ness comes over and whips me into shape. She’s a slave driver, I tell you. But she gets the job done and her house never looks like mine. I think she’s coming by, so I may have to live on the hours and hours of Food TV I saw yesterday.

Which brings me to why I must have cable TV in my new apartment regardless of whether or not I can afford it. I don’t need a cable box or a movie channel. I don’t need On Demand or TiVo or whatever. I really only need one channel: Food Network. I have the Sex and the City DVD’s coming to me, so honestly, what more does a girl need? I think the cable companies should sell individual channels. My bill would be all of $5/mo. with FoodTV plus one news channel. That’s all I need. You think Comcast will go for it?

I think I have procrastinated enough. It’s time to go and take my hourly glance at the kitchen to assess all that needs to be done….and then return to my FTV.



6 thoughts on “Packing Procrastination

  1. “sniff test”… LOL!!!

    And I thought that was just a guy thing. I feel so much less slob-like now that I know I have company.


  2. @ Gela

    No, I really am not ashamed. I probably should be, but no. I gave up on trying to live by other folk’s expectations when I got a mother-in-law. F- it! This is who and how I am. Period. Take it or leave it. It’s sooo liberating.

    @ Andy

    You know, I think more of us are slobs than are willing to admit it. Too many slobs are all in the closet, trying to fix it up for the sake of appearances. I figure I don’t have to worry about appearances when I tell you I’m a slob up front. No surprises.

    All girls aren’t all girly and particular. I’m certainly the exact opposite. And, I still sniff test. Whatcha gonna do?

  3. LOL…as long as you aren’t sniff testing any undies, I have no issue with it at all. Hey, I thought we all did it. Who has that many favorite clothes!?!??!

  4. …and what if you are sniff-testing undies…as long as i don’t smell when i give you a hug…it’s all good with me!

    yeah…i think everybody sniffs at one point or another. I had a pair of jeans that i got in college and i wore them everyday until early this year when i replaced them with 2 pair that weren’t just strings hanging off my butt.

    …maybe you should have Amani over more often…just when you really need the “help” 😉

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