Ho Hum!

I don’t have too much to talk about today. I replied to all of the comments on the previous post and then Blogger zapped me. So, just know that I said thank you for all of the encouragement and a few smart remarks, but I forgot who those were for.

I have 4 boxes left to unpack in my new place and then I’m done. I bought organizers for my closet and put them together all by myself, only to find that they were .75 inches too deep for my closet!! I was a little pissed, but then I turned them into a chest of drawers/future TV stand. I’ll have a TV for my bedroom as soon as I figure out what to do about getting a bigger one for the living room. I have gotten plenty of suggestions. In a nutshell: I left the ex with 3 TVs, 3 very nice TVs. I just don’t want the hassle.

This weekend was busy with unpacking, organizing, getting things ready for this business and shopping for the house. Nothing too eventful. Except for dinner with the Williams last night. My first dinner guests. Yay!!! Remember, I hate to cook for 1, so let me know when you guys wanna eat. I’m up for the company.

I brought leftovers, but my co-worker has put her food into an empty microwave only to open it to find a live bug crawling around her food…TWICE!!! Will you please tell me how the food made it into the microwave for a second shot? No. Way. In. Hell. My boss suggested putting boric acid in the microwave and asked me what kind of shi-shi background I come from, not knowing how to deal with roaches. OK. Hear me people. Don’t. Do. Roaches. Never have. Never will. If that makes me shi-shi, a snob, a brat…whatever!! I’m sorry if you have roaches and are offended. I can’t deal. Apparently city dwellers are becoming more and more tolerant. Even the uber-expensive buildings in DC seem to be infested. Well, let me tell you, the first bugger I see in my apt. will be the last. Even if I poison myself in the process.

Back to the food…I’m actually going to eat cold pasta for lunch because I’m sticking to my guns about saving money on food, but I’m NOT putting my food in that microwave!!! I didn’t even put my lunch in the fridge. It’s sitting right here on my desk lukewarming up! Yum!

Make me laugh somebody. Or give me controversy. I need something to talk about.


6 thoughts on “Ho Hum!

  1. I feel you on the subject of “roaches”. When I first married, we rented a condo in Beltsville. I had a newborn at the time. All of a sudden – the entire building became infested! It was so bad that I didn’t get off the bed all day except to “run” to the bathroom. I was a prisoner on the bed ALL DAY LONG!! I simply could not take it, so we moved out. Forget the boric acid, the spray, the whatever…I’m just rolling out.

  2. Would it be totally unreasonable to bring in your own small microwave and keep it in your office? I’d do that. I really would.

  3. @ Lashawn


    @ Katrice

    Then the bugs would get into MY microwave, no?

    I don’t know what the deal is. The microwave is relatively new. I don’t know how bugs get in it. I didn’t know they got IN refrigerators. I’m just grossed out. The lukewarm pasta wasn’t all that bad. I need to buy sandwich meat.

  4. MInd you find Super Roach one day. I can see it now. Transformed by radiation this raoch gained super powers and now he eats people instead of their food…lol

  5. I’m with Mike. Why aren’t the roaches dying??? Because not even nuclear power can kill the little demons. The sun shall turn b;ack and the moon shall turn to blood and roaches will still live somewhere.

    Kwesi, you are hilarious!!!

    Yes, Lex, buy sandwich meat. They have that at the Amish market too.

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