I’ve Got a Cold…

I have a love-hate relationship with the common cold. Like most, I hate having a head so stuffy you can’t taste your food. I hate having to pause between chews to inhale through my mouth. I hate when the line of demarcation between my nose and my upper lip gets red and raw from blowing so much. I hate when nose starts peeling from all the blowing, but people think it’s boogers. And I really hate being single and having a cold because there’s nobody to make your chicken soup for you or bring you OJ in the middle of the night.

But, I love the slightly high feeling that comes from depleted oxygen, even before taking any meds. I love the chills because you get to wrap up in layers and layers. I love the safe, cozy feeling of being swaddled. I love falling asleep at 7pm and knowing that you’re sick, so you get to just transfer your lazy body to the bed. Nothing else matters. Nothing else has to be done. I love calling out sick and sleeping all day….sleeping all day….sleeping all day….sleeping all day. I love the Price is Right on sick days and catching up on Y&R that I haven’t seen in 3 years. I love never missing a beat. I love when a fever finally breaks and you’re all wet and sweaty and mommy has to change your bed. I hate that mommy’s not here to change my bed. Meh…no fever yet, so all’s still well. And the absolute bestest part of having a cold…..SNEEZING!!!! It’s the best.


Nite. Nite.


12 thoughts on “I’ve Got a Cold…

  1. I’m sorry I made everyone sick. I just KNEW it was allergies. This is so strange to me. I never get colds. But alas, I’ve passed something on.

    Calling out is the best thing in the world. Enjoy your day tomorrow and get plenty of sleep.

    And you are an absolute nut if you enjoy sneezing.

  2. @ Katrice

    Maybe it wasn’t you. I haven’t been sick in a while. I guess it was time.

    Yep. I love to sneeze!

    @ Fresh

    Thanks. Working on it.

    @ Heart

    A little better. Thanks for checking on me.

    I woke up in the middle of the night soaking wet, so I guess I “sweat it out” as my Granny would say.

    I went in to work today. Thought I’d save the sick day for when I’m feeling great and can enjoy a nice fall hike instead of the Price is Right.

  3. hey lex,
    i’m totally sick too. i think it’s an epidemic!!! i have like a head/chest cold combination. i’m miserable, but i did love the fact that my professors were understanding of me missing class. especially since i went a few of the days i was sick and they all got to hear how horrible i sounded. i hope you feel better. we should have a party the minute the both of us feels better. not like anything fancy, we should just post the words “HEALTHY PARTY” on each other’s blogs! i really hope you feel better soon! talk to you later!

    tink 😉

  4. Awwww [pat pat pat]

    Feel better soon, kiddo!

    And I enjoy sneezing too, actually. Especially after you’ve been feeling one building for hours and it just won’t come out.

  5. Who me? I’ve been working my darn tail off. [sigh] This working for a living thing is getting old!

    Hopefully I’ll have time this weekend to be literate and witty. 😉

  6. Finally, something on which we’re opposites. Yet in which I’d like to be more like you.

    I feel guilty when I don’t go to work, no matter how ill or injured I am. I can’t shake the feeling that the world freezes when I don’t go out into it. And if I’m not at work, I feel like I’m wasting a day when I could get some stuff done. I never just lie in bed staring at the T.V., even though that’s the purpose of the bedroom T.V. I often have to force myself to relax.

    I hate sneezing because it’s uncontrollable, and when I’m driving, um, dude, I just closed my eyes!

    It would be nice to have someone to look after me, but I get so ornery, I’d want him to leave rather than, say, make noise or turn on the T.V. or anything.

    But swaddled, that’s the perfect word! I love curling up on my recliner in my fraying beloved hunter-green terrycloth robe. I wanted one for years, and they only sold them for men. And they were short! Now I even sleep with it.

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