Not Feeling Any Better

I am not feeling any better. I missed both concerts, but I did manage to make the soup. It has not worked its magic. My throat is killing me on the left side only. I have a headache the starts in the back of my neck on the left side and comes all the way up the left side of my head to just over my left eye. I sound like I am super conjested, but no runny nose, and very little coughing.

Anybody got a diagnosis?

I hate taking western medicine, so I try to exhaust all know natural options before taking meds. I will normally endure a headache and drown myself in water until I can determine the cause. I didn’t even try with this one. I’ve taken 4 doses of ibuprophen in 2 days and that is unheard of for me. I’ve taken 3 doses of sudaphed, in hopes of getting some relief, but nothing. I don’t want to go buy more medicine because that aisle of the store makes me nauseous (no kidding). I’ve sniffed Vick’s. Nothing.

In the middle of writing this post my friend Kwesi brought me a piping hot bowl of seafood gumbo with rice. Yum-o. And, I finally need to blow my nose.

What’s wrong with me? I need this to go away. I’m miserable. I just want to sleep all day. I worked Friday, but I’m pretty sure tomorrow’s not going to happen. I feel like crap. The most relief I’ve felt was Thursday night when I drank 2 cups of hot tea with lemon, honey and a shot of bourbon. At least I slept well. Is that what it boils down to? Bourbon? Should I just drink hot totty’s until I feel better?

Isn’t that bulldog adorable? I miss my dogs. They would make me feel better right now. I had 2 yorkies. Samson died 2 years ago this month. I had to put him down after 14 years. I lost Rudy to his dad when I left him. I can’t have pets in my new apartment, and I shouldn’t. I’m not home enough for a pooch. A dog would make me feel better right now.

I’m soliciting natural remedies? Any suggestions? Anybody willing to make the trip to the health food store, or wherever I’ll need to get the ingredients you guys suggest?

I think I’m going back to the couch to continue watching the Project Runway marathon.



14 thoughts on “Not Feeling Any Better

  1. I’m sorry. I think this may be the makings of a sinus infection or upper respiratory infection, from the pain you describe in your neck and head.

    You’ll need an antibiotic if this isn’t gone in 3-4 days. But bourbon is always good. Get liquored up, take a steaming hot bath and sleep all day tomorrow.

  2. The remedy you gave me worked. Remember the medicinal cocktail that you served up? Yep, that did it. hot showers helped, when I could covince myself that I would die trying to get there. Orange juice, lots of it… I’m out, that’s bad. Anyway, it’ll rum it’s course soon and you’ll feel better.

  3. i don’t have a dx for you but your commenters gave some sweet advice. ..even if you don’t believe it to be true, tell yourself that you will feel fantastic tomorrow. say it over and over again. stay hydrated and get lots of rest as your body tries to heal. be well

  4. You didn’t mention if you have a fever. Like you, I hardly ever take drugs, but natural remedies can help. Since you tolerated the gumbo, you probably don’t have an intestinal flu, but you do need to drink lots of clear fluids, tea, water, soup, and avoid dairy products because they cause mucus. Lozenges with vitamin C, echinacea, goldenseal and zinc will help your sore throat and general healing, and sherbet is soothing. Hot showers and sleep, glorious sleep. Don’t even think of going to work tomorrow. Feel better soon, Lex. We’ve all got your back. :<)

  5. OK, I am about to feel like a devil among angels but, dang I am envious. I want to stay home all day with good reason and not feel the urge to clean or do homework. Just laze around. I don’t want the congestion or aches but dang…I want that freedom! LOL. Ok, that being said I concur with all of the above advice and i would also say use that peppermint body wash. The scent will open you up. And eat spicy foods to get the nasal passages running good. I have had many sinus infections in my life and the best thing was good sleep with tissue close by. You have to get it running to clear your body of it. DO NOT take anythign that is just going to dry it up in your sinus cavities. YUCK! Blow it out or let it run out. No sudafed or anything like that. God bless and I will try not to think bad thoughts of you laying on the couch in the reading corner while I am out here running from place to place trying to make a living. Sick or not, I am J!!! Love ya, cuz! 😉

  6. If it were strep, you wouldn’t have been able to eat the gumbo. Trust.

    Also, strep untreated can cause rheumatoid arthritis or rheumatic fever. However, death is an extremely rare side effect of strep throat.

  7. I believe strep is always accompanied by a high fever, which is why I asked about that.

    So, Lex, how are you feeling today? Any better? I hope so. Stay warm and hydrated and get lots of rest. Try to put any worries on a back burner as stress will prevent healing. I know, easier said than done, but sleep will help to limit your waking/worrying hours, and that’s good.

  8. Hello All!

    Thanks for all of the advice. I stayed home today and got some rest. I still have the same headache, but it’s tolerable today. I haven’t had to take any pain meds.

    I’m amazed by the lack of mucus. If it’s sinuses, shouldn’t something be coming out? I feel like it’s all stuck inside my head but I can breathe just fine through my nose.

    I had a hot totty last night…and insomnia!! I finally fell asleep around 5 am. I’ve been eating soup and drinking tea and peeing ever half hour. So, I think I’m doing ok with the hydrating. Will try to get more liquids in.

    @ Tania

    I took a shower. Nothing. The only thing that got my nose running was the spicy gumbo.

    @ Kwesi

    I hope it’s course is coming to an end soon.

    @ Kili

    Thanks. Stay hydrated. Right! I will feel fantastic tomorrow. I will feel fantastic tomorrow. I BETTER feel fantastic tomorrow; I have to present at a training for 3 hours tomorrow.

    @ Heart

    No fever. GI tract is just fine. I don’t have any of these: Lozenges with vitamin C, echinacea, goldenseal and zinc will help your sore throat and general healing, and sherbet, but I’ll welcome any deliveries if someone wants to go get some for me.

    It’s crazy, but I didn’t think of taking any of this stuff when I left the ex. I know exactly where all of it is in the old house. Re-stocking takes time. And it’s expensive. LOL

    @ KMF

    I’m out of the Peppermint castile soap too!!! That would be great. I’m going to have to go to the store.

    Thanks for the advice about the decongestants. I think you’re right. They seem counter productive. I want my nose to run.
    Right now I can feel air pockets moving through my sinuses. Fun.

    You’ve GOT to take a break sometime, lady. Come lounge here so that there’s nothing to clean.

    @ MC_Mutt

    Geez. I certainly hope not. No fever, so I’m not worried about strep. I think the pain in my throat is from my sinuses draining. How ’bout you ask Dr. Dad for a script for an ‘illin, just in case?

    @ Katrice

    Death by strep would be something else!

    @ Heart

    You know, I think stress got me in this mess in the first place. I’m trying to put off the worries and focus on taking care of myself, but there is SO much going on right now. I guess it’s taking it’s toll.

  9. I suspected as much from things you’ve alluded to recently. Maybe you could get all those expensive meds in the old house as part of your settlement? 🙂

    Any possibility of going in for those three hours tomorrow and then coming home again? I’m just asking. It would be great if you could. After all, they don’t want you making the whole staff sick, now do they? 😦

  10. @ Heart

    I keep telling myself, “It will be over, soon.” I can’t wait for this divorce and all of the fallout to be behind me. I am amazed everyday by how things seem to fall into place, right when I think I’m about to go under for good. You’re very perceptive. Thanks.

    I don’t think I’m likely to ask for the meds. I don’t want anything but my sanity and my freedom. He can have the rest. I am encouraged that you found love after divorce. You give me hope.

    And, I have to drive 1 hour to and from the training, so yes, that’s all I’ll be doing tomorrow. We have a don’t come in if you’re sick rule at work!

  11. How very civilized, the don’t come in if you’re sick rule. So many companies have no regard for their employees at all. What kind of advocacy work do you do? I’ve been wondering.

    I wasn’t serious about the meds. I know that all you need is your life back, and then everything will be so much better. I understand the pain you’re going through, but your new future will be worth it, so hold onto that. And of course you’ll love (and Be Loved) again, only much better, as you deserve.)

  12. I need the old familiar family treatment when I’m sick – hot tea – lemon – honey and lots of orange juice. I rub vicks on my chest and try to “sweat it out”.

    Usually I can’t stand my stinky oj breath or my mentholated unwashed funk for very long and I’ll take the hottest shower I can stand – by the time I take the shower, I’m usually on the road to recovery.

  13. @Heart

    Thanks for the hope. I can’t wait. I do anti-violence against women advocacy. At the moment it’s strictly sexual assault. Surprise!!


    Ah. That sounds so familiar. The unwashed funk, that is. I finally showered and I feel much better.

    Thanks so much everyone!

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