Useless Blog-blocker

You know, I originally wanted my URL to be the same as the title of my blog, but was already taken. Tonight is actually the first time I’ve bothered to see who is blocking. What is THIS?

6 thoughts on “Useless Blog-blocker

  1. I had the same problem.

    I wanted to call mine London Loos, but there’s one called LondonLoos. There’s a Macarena as well. And when I got frustrated, I tried stuff that turned out to be blogs, like Fuck You and Bite Me.

  2. That’s just lame. It’s not right. What a useless waste of space.

    At least you got to call your blog what you wanted to. And we know where to find you — that’s what matters.

  3. It’s taken! No-o-o-o-o-o-o!

    Aw, thanks for blogrolling me. As opposed to just rolling me, or knocking me over like a liquor store.

    How did you do the drop-down menu for “The Best Of”? I wanted to do my archives like that, but it would only do the months, not the individual posts.

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