Survivor Cook Islands: Episode 2

Two words for the Immunity Challenge: Affirmative Action!!

Ok, I can’t take credit for that one. That one belongs to Kevin. But I nearly died when he said it. It was almost the best laugh of the night…but Billy. Billy. Billy. Billy.

I was invited to watch the show with a bunch of folks who are going to get together weekly for the festivities. Tonight, there was TiVo. All hail TiVo! You can’t possibly appreciate Billy until you’ve watched Jeff’s reaction over and over and over again, and then watched the faces of his teammates over and over and over again as he single-handedly slit his own throat by professing his love for Candace. Candace from Raro who never professed love for him, but pittied him with a, “WE love you,” when he told her he’d be next voted off. Oh, Billy. Thanks for the laughs. You’ll go down in history, dude. Yes, with Rudolph.

OK. On to my reflections…

I think that confirming stereotypes is part of the novelty of the show that I hope wears off soon. I notice the tribe members struggling with this themselves, like Cao Boi and his Asain jokes, and the guy from Aitu who said that hard work was “in our blood”. All stereotypes aren’t negative. I wouldn’t mind people assuming that I would make a great employee because I’m a hard worker, I don’t think. I would mind someone assuming that all I can do is work hard. Billy debunked that one though. Thanks, Billy. I’m gonna miss Billy.

I knew Yul from Puka was going to find the immunity idol on Exile Island. Why? Stereotype. I assumed he was brilliant and I was right. Does that make the stereotype any more acceptable? Doubt it.

I loved Billy’s comment that metal was his culture and not “hispanic”. I believe we wrongly assume people’s culture based on how they look. But culture is very complex. In a cultural competency training once, we were asked to define our culture. I was amazed when a woman identified her culture as “female”. We really do identify ourselves in different ways and value parts of ourselves in ways others may never know by just looking at us. I identify as black, female, heterosexual, middle class, American, college graduate, and bilingual (at the very least). Each really is a culture all its own and when you start combining the aspects of my identity, the uniqueness deepens. And yet I still make snap judgements about people based on one factor. So much to learn.

I was mortified by Hiki celebrating not losing the immunity challenge. Mortified. They can’t lose every challenge (and yes, for me this one was an L). That would just be too demoralizing. I don’t even know what to do with these feelings. It’s only week 2. Maybe things will turn around. (Insert emoticon with mouth twisted and eyebrow raised as if to say, “yeah, right!”) For those who don’t watch the show…Aitu intentionally threw the challenge. Hiki would have lost miserably. They had no clue that Aitu threw it.l

And, here’s my worst one this week: When you’re depending on the vote of women in your tribe to stay in the game, you don’t profess your love for a white woman (read: iconic ideal). It’s suicide. You will be castrated.

I continue to hate Johnathan of Raro. (I need to distinguish him now from Johnathan of my comments on the last post who I also hate.) But it’s him. He’s a jerk. And I hate Ozzy of Aitu. I’m sure I would have hated Sekou had he stuck around another week. Yes, I do realize they are all men. Thanks for noticing. Maybe if the guys would shut up for a minute I might get a chance to know the girls better and decide which of them gets on my last nerve as well.

OK. I wanna hear your thoughts. And, from now on I’ll try to get this done on Thursdays so that I can return to my regular non-racially charged, non- Survivor blogging.

Oh, and my Survivor group has decided to have the cuisine of the losing team from the previous week for dinner each time. Tonight we had fried chicken, potato salad and watermelon. Next week, I’m bringing plantains and black beans….or something. Maybe that’s stereotyping too, but I love good food!!!

Disclaimer: Hate is a very strong word. It is probably an overstatement in all places it was used in this post, except when in reference to Johnathan of my comments. Thank you.

Legend: Puka (Asain), Aitu (Latino), Raro (White), Hiki (Black)


3 thoughts on “Survivor Cook Islands: Episode 2

  1. OK I just watched the episode. The one thing that bothered me was that HiKi jumped up and down and acted as if the made such a great achievment. They are the weakest tribe. True the started off with 1 less man than the rest, anyway I don’t think it the lack of a man that makes them weak. They lack a leader. The ladies are getting on my nerves laying back letting “the man” lead. Why was he in the front. Geesh! I’m disappointed.

    I’m loving caoboi! I,m loving caoboi!

    I knew yul would find the idol, I just recognized that he was very intelligent.

    Here i’m tempted to say, I’m routing for the Asians but I must remained focused here. This is an individual game. As much as I hate to admit it, Ozzy’s the only one playing like he came to win.

  2. Who knew you could catch up on missed TV shows on On Demand?!?

    I love Cao Boi, but he’s doomed if Puka ever loses an immunity challenge.

    It’s too early for me to pick a fav.

    Now, Project Runway? My money’s on Michael.

    I’m such an addict.

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