Happy Friday! Happy Autumn!

Did anybody else just wake up and realize that it is the END of September? Where’d the month go?

I am so sleepy today. I hate drinking coffee because I need to. I don’t enjoy it as much. I’m sitting here waiting for it to kick in…so far, nothing.

It’s Friday and it’s fall, so that means that I need to come up with something particularly comforting for dinner tonight. I really am feeling like shrimp and grits. What???? Don’t knock it ’til you try it.

Happy Friday! Happy Autumn!


9 thoughts on “Happy Friday! Happy Autumn!

  1. I have been thinking about shrimp and grits for about two weeks now. So, I found a great sound recipe on foodnetwork.com (Paula Deen style). I think I’ll try it Sunday morning. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. So for dinner tonight, I guess we’re not going to Outback. LOL

    I’ve only had grits for breakfast or for a late-night comfort snack. I’ve never eaten them with dinner food.

  3. Love grits. Hate seafood. (Used to eat tuna fish anyway, and tried lobster, but YUCK!)

    In recent years, I’ve actually started letting my food cool before I eat. Not having a microwave also means I have to REALLy want hot chocolate, or I can’t be bothered. And it’s only because it bugs me that a microwave would mean less than 90 seconds to chocolate Heaven!

  4. @ Fresh

    Risotto sounds great. I have some asparagus I need to use. Great idea.

    @ Lashawn

    THANK you!

    @ Kwesi

    What? Never had grits? You’ve got to be kidding?

    @ Katrice

    Must try.

  5. Mmmmm… shrimp & grits sounds good! Never had them in combination before, but I’m definitely going to try it now.

    My own comfort food is a toasted cheese sammich (yes sammich, not sandwich) and a bowl of homemade potato soup.

    Darn you Lexi… you got me thinking about food again. I have a feeling Mr. Metabolism may pay us a visit soon! 😉

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