Helloooooooooo?????? UPDATED, AGAIN

Is it me or has Blogger been smoking crack for the last 24 hours???

Where the hell’s my BlogRoll???
UPDATE: Now it’s back. My apologies, Mr. Barry.

Related Anecdote: The last time I saw Marion Barry in person I was stopped at a light on Georgia Avenue in DC. He crossed directly in front of my car and immediately turned around, crossed again to go back to get something out of the trunk of his car. When he crossed the third time I could see that he had a urine specimen cup in his hand. Upon further investigation (read: turning head to the right) I noticed that he was going into someplace called Something Something Laboratories. Pee Test! It was hilarious! Now that would have been a secret squirrel photo worth taking.

20 thoughts on “Helloooooooooo?????? UPDATED, AGAIN

  1. Blogger has been really wacko today. It was duplicating comments on my blog this morning, and then losing some I made to other blogs.

    Or else maybe it’s really a fiendish plot and they’re screwing with us.

  2. lol. You’re one blog where I can guarantee that I’ll be laughing. Blogger go crazy sometimes. Mine goes for walks every now and then without me. Or it eats my posts. I just scream at it until it quits and then things get back to normal. For a while.

  3. Oh Lex. I just did the secrets meme, looking forward to sharing it, it’s been a few minutes now and blog is still saying ‘publishing in progress’ I’m afraid to use the back button to go back cuz I don’t want to lose it. I hate when this happens.

  4. Hey,it was posted afterall! Go read. I thought that was a goner cuz usually when I lose a post, I just can’t be bothered to do it again.

  5. Don’t they make people do urine tests THERE anymore? Or is it now BYOP? He could be bringing in ANYBODY’s drug-free bodily fluids. What’s with that?

  6. Barry Bashing! Love it.


    The urine specimen cup was EMPTY. I would have welcomed the opportunity to say he had a cup o’ piss, but no. Just the cup.


    Thanks for the head’s up about Blogger. I’ll avoid it around that time.

  7. Lex, you should have said the cup was empty. It’s a better story if it’s full. And you see how we didn’t think that was at all weird? I was wondering why it didn’t spill in the car; I wasn’t picturing a lid. Even better if he forgot himself and sipped!

    If you go to Blogger Dashboard, it tells you scheduled outages. It’s not every day, but they tend to be at 7:00 or 4:00, and sometimes they don’t mention which time zone they mean. Perhaps I shouldn’t have said anything. I nearly wasn’t able to post, which would have broken the daily post streak I’ve held since Sunday 8/6.

  8. A little trick for when you’re in a big hurry…. walk around with a clear plastic cup about 1/4 full of apple juice.

    It’s amazing how quickly people clear out of your way, thinking its pee.

  9. @ Island Spice and djn

    Welcome! I hope you come back. I’m tickled that MB stirred up so much conversation.

    @ Heart

    Who knows with this guy. It just seemed like he had his own supply in there.

    @ Andy

    I’ll keep that in mind. Maybe I’ll incorporate that with my Border’s prank somehow.

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