Say it Ain’t So!!!

Do you know what that is? Yes, it’s a gray hair. No. It’s not mine. My camera is having issues getting such a quality shot of….yes….MY first gray hair!!!

My mom is 63 and has not grayed. WHY am I cursed? Please tell me?

I am not pulling it because I don’t want more. And what’s worse? It’s right in front!!

I’m a little frazzled right now. I’m too young for this…you know….to dye or not to dye.



17 thoughts on “Say it Ain’t So!!!

  1. Now, if I say grey hair is a sign of wisdom not age, that would speak volumes of you but what of your mother? So, I’ll just say… ummm, I’ll just say… Congratulations! Let’s Party!

  2. Ha!

    I got my first grey in my early twenties. I actually pulled it out and put it somewhere–kind of like the old-lady version of saving your first tooth, I guess. But I have no idea where it is now.

    Anyway–no matter what you decide to do, it’ll get easier–just in time for the second grey to show up. 😉

  3. HA! how do you like it?!!! now we can experience our first gray hairs together. what is God doing with us lex? i sure don’t know!

    tink 😉

  4. Lady, relax. If it’s pretty, leave it. I’ve been meaning to post about my possibly white hair. I always wanted to go white, not gray. Silvery would be awesome. My mom died a brunette at age 67. I’m 32.

  5. Well, as a blood relative to you (at least on the grandmother’s part;) LOL), I would say that if you are anything like me with my “grays” they will turn black/brown again after a few inches of growing out gray. I will also say that those strands will be some of the strongest strands of hair ever! LOL. I can’t break them for the world!

  6. Oh honey. Welcome to the rest of your life. I am blonde and STILL color. My kids point out my grayness daily. Still want them brats? 😉

  7. @ Andy

    I DO blame you. This is ALL your fault.

    @ Kwesi

    Wrong. Just wrong.

    @ Beanie Baby

    Welcome!! So, does pulling it out make 3 more grow back in its place? Thanks for visiting. Please come back.

    @ Fresh

    Dye is my fate, huh?

    @ Tink

    Um. Don’t know if we exactly compare on this one. LOL

    @ Katrice

    I don’t even notice yours. And I can’t seem to find this one today. Crisis averted…for the moment.


    Wow! That’s a pleasant thought. I can’t seem to find the sucker today. But I know it’s in there. If Granny is any indication…we’ll be gray…but at least it’s silvery pretty gray and not brassy yucky gray. I do NOT want to be talking about this at 33.

    @ Christina

    #494. Thanks!!

  8. Here is reason # 494. This morning I lovingly (read – bitter because dad won’t do it) laid out clothes for the little imp. This included pants, a shirt, socks, and clean undies. She comes downstairs fully dressed. Being her mom, I said “did you put on the clean underwear?” She says no and I ask why. She says “because you said we were in a hurry and I did not want to be late for school” To be fair, I did say this and I am tired and I have a terrible cold so I decided to let it go. As we are getting ready to walk out the door, she says “wait a minute” and starts running up the stairs so I say “where are you going” and she replies “I need to put some toys in my backpack to play with during aftercare” So without screaming (which is a major accomplishment at this moment) I say “Oh no–little girls who don’t have time to put on clean panties CERTAINLY do not need toys for after care” So she stomps her way back down the stairs and out the door while giving me a look that says “I know you are my mom, but I would stab you with a fork if I caught you in a dark alley” AHHHHHH the joys of motherhood!

  9. Ladies,

    Christina gave me #494, so now I’m at #496. 4 more and it’s a done deal!!

    No time for clean panties. Bwahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!

    See, I can laugh because I don’t have those issues.

  10. grey hair. i started getting them early twenties. i see it as a blessing in disguise. i can’t wait till more come in and i look like i got silver highlights. yeah yeah…that’ll be cool. (i’m such a dork)

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