Doctor, Doctor!

So, today I got a new doctor and I love him. Thanks, Fresh, for the idea.

I made the appointment for the massage. I also called and found a new PCP just next door to work. I thought I’d get another quack since I’m refusing to move out of a 3 mile radius from work, but I lucked out. He actually took my health history, took a urine sample, scheduled blood work, “checked” everything – eyes, arms, legs, neck. He asked about everything under the sun, including my ideas about pharmaceuticals. He wasn’t opposed to my opposition to them. His nurse even did an EKG and a lung function test.

After my very thorough examination, he concluded that my headaches are almost definitely tension headaches brought on my stress. (Stress? Me?) He offered to write me a prescription and when I scrunched up my face he suggested doubling up on my OTC pain relievers when I need them, plenty of water and exercise to relieve some of the stress.

He asked me about smoking and drinking. He’s Nigerian, so I didn’t understand when he asked me if I just drink wine or if I drink the hard stuff. When I was clear on what he was asking I laughed and said, “Let’s just say I like variety.” He laughed and didn’t look at me like I was crazy. Now, he does have a severe stuttering problem an he has a hard time making eye contact, but I like him over all.

We went back to his office to discuss my weight. He has a weight loss clinic, so I had asked about it. He shared his philosophy of using pharmaceuticals to get chronic cases under control quickly. We discussed my weight and where I should be ideally. Asked me about my eating habits and helped me commit to small changes (less carbs, more fruits and veggies and lots of water before and after meals). He encouraged more consistency with my exercise regimen and said to let him know how I’m doing in a month. If there’s no change with these changes, then he’ll start talking to me about other options.

When we were done he asked if I had anything else I wanted to discuss with him, any other concerns. I told him no. He reviewed my EKG, lung function test and urinalysis with me. Said they were all fine. We’d get the blood work done on Thursday.

Now, THAT’s what health insurance buys!!


10 thoughts on “Doctor, Doctor!

  1. Maybe the poor guy has trouble making eye contact because he’s self-conscious about his stuttering problem. Sounds like you got a winner this time! Congrats! Good health care is very hard to find.

  2. I don’t know if you want to pass thi son, but when trying to overcome a stutter, it supposedly helps to speak slowly. Marilyn Monroe’s breathiness was allegedly meant to subdue a stutter.

    I stutter when people constantly talk over me and I’m thisclose to losing my thought. And I never fail to recall it soon after the jerk walks away.

  3. @ Katrice

    Perhaps. He’s a winner. And it turns out that the pain is a neck/muscular issue. All of this doctor stuff has made me pay very close attention and it hurts like when I lean over or am slouching at my computer…or trying to lift my head from my crappy pillows.

    So, I’m getting the massage. I don’t mind taking meds once I know why I’m taking them. I might have injured myself that week I was sick by spending so much time in bed…on my crappy pillows.

    @ ~m~

    I’m not likely to pass on speech pathology advice to an M.D. But that’s interesting about M.M. My dad stutters too. I didn’t notice until I was 16. I just thought he kept forgetting what he wanted to say.

    I hate when people talk over you. I have worked hard on not doing this. I used to do it all the time. When I realized it was an issue of self-importance, I was disgusted and learned to shut up.

    Guys, let me know if I start to slip again.

    @ Christina

    Thanks!! It was scary there for a moment!

  4. Yay!!! An excellent *prayerfully* doctor! I am so happy for you. Also I am happy that there is no need for the MRI. Tumors, yikes! Just good old stress. Now…I thought we were all supposed to be too blessed to be stressed?!?!?! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

  5. I’m very happy to hear this news! It sounds as if he covered everything, and actually cares about his patients. You had me worried, although I did think your headache was probably caused by stress. Another fine legacy from your ex.

    The eye contact thing might be cultural. Native Hawaiians consider it rude to make direct eye contact with someone they don’t know well. Maybe something like this applies in Nigeria, too. Or perhaps your doctor is shy with attractive women. Doctors are people, too.

    Very good news! Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. @ KMF

    Yes. I found a good one and I’m so happy.

    “too blessed to be stressed” is delusional like most of these kinds of sayings. LOL. I’ve never said that in my LIFE. I’m STRESSED Dammit!!!

    @ Heart

    I have such a lovely legacy, don’t I? It will all be over soon, though.

    I should have thought about the cultural thing. Duh!! I teach cultural competency. It totally went out of my mind when I was the one in the position to need services. You might be absolutely correct.

    Hmmm? Pretty girl? Maybe I’ll try to flirt the next time to try out your theory. Maybe I’ll have an issue on my left butt cheek I need him to check out for me.

    By the way ladies, I requested a guy for my massage. The owner assured me that he’s gay, but hey, I have to take it like I get it. I can always imagine!!!

  7. You and Kwesi talk over me constantly. I’m just sayin… I can never keep up with you two. I think too slowly.

    Mmmmm… Massage… 😀

  8. Glad you found a good doctor–it’s important to have one that you can trust and that you feel comfortable with.

    Hmmm I am not sure if you talk over me, because I talk over people too–it’s a terrible habit. I bet we have spent hours talking over each other and never even knew it! I also have a bad habit of making every conversation about me. If you tell me something, I am really likely to then tell you a story about how something similar happened to me. I am working on it though.

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