My New Bedfellow

Meet GOSA FAST, the ergonomic pillow from IKEA. It is my new lover. It held me gently, pefectly cradling my neck as I slept like a baby last night. It was such a contrast with the sleepless, painful night I had the night before.

Who knew the perfect pillow could bring an end to suffering? Everyone needs one. It’s the perfect bedfellow, for only $17.99.

I’m wondering if this neck pain is muscular or a pinched nerve. It tends to come back towards the end of the day, when I’ve been sitting at my computer for hours.

Well, tonight I will again sleep with my new lover. I’ve found a keeper.


7 thoughts on “My New Bedfellow

  1. this is as bad as my ‘foreplay’ post.. soo not about the REAL thing!
    seriously tho, glad to hear it works.. I might try it out, I could use a new bedfellow myself esp after all that foreplay this weekend!

  2. You may need to evaluate the ergonomics of your workspace at the office too. It’s possible that the source of your problem lies there.

    Gotta get me one of them pillows.

  3. @ Heart

    I never realized how important the right pillow is. Hopefully I’ll have better luck with this bedfellow than with the last.

    @ Island Spice

    I loved your foreplay post! So many easy allusions to the REAL thing, huh?

    @ Katrice

    I had them order me a backpack for my laptop. I think that’s one ergonomic change that might help. Next step might be to buy one of those chairs where you’re on your knees, but not really.

    I need one at home too. I notice pain while blogging on the couch.

  4. I like the phrase “my new lover.” Only I say “my new lovaaaaa” and then give everyone a creepy look.

    Then everyone leaves the room thoroughly disgusted.

    Wait…what were we talking about?

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