…But I’m Soft!!!

I don’t want to take a shower today. No, I’m not reverting to when I was 9 and would just sit on the side of the tub and make swishy noises like I was bathing. I have a dilemma.

I like soft, silky skin. And I love steaming hot showers. The two are not compatible, unless I use my silky skin guarantee-er: Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel (Lavender). After a shower I moisturize my entire body with the gel and THEN dry off. It’s the perfect way to stay silky and moisturized all day long.

Well, I’m out!! I’ve been out for about a week and I’ve been using alternatives that just aren’t as good. I’ve added liquid baby oil to lotion. Plain lotion just does NOT do it. Ever. I’ve used my organic almond oil. And even in combination with my non-drying peppermint castille soap, it’s not the same.

I didn’t shower yesterday either. I just squatted in the tub with the removable shower head and took care of the important places. OK. Ho bath! Call it what you wanna. But my skin is still soft.

I need to go to the store today for more gel. I hate itchy dry skin and it’s inevitably what I’ll have if I wash this two day build-up of natural oils off of my skin today.

But I smell fine. Really, I do.


13 thoughts on “…But I’m Soft!!!

  1. I know exactly what you mean, I use the lavendar baby oil gel as well. I was quite perturbed when my son told me I was not a baby, so why was I using it!! I find though, that the liquid baby oil works just as well if you use it while your skin is still wet. Please take a shower today though – let’s not take any chances.

  2. I can’t smell anything at the moment anyway, so you’re rep is still safe with me.

    “Ho bath”… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    THAT made my day!

  3. My mother would find “ho bath” funny. We did it when there was no hot tub water or we for some reason could not use the tub.

    You have a habit of anticipating a negative reaction and almost pre-apologizing. What if you presented it as “I need the oil gel” and not “I haven’t showered”? I couldn’t care less whether people shower, if they’re nice people who have sense and care about hygiene. Given your bathroom issues, I have no reason to suspect you’re funky; I’d be worried if someone were proud and cultivating their b.o.

    I’ve been not using lotion. Maybe I should try this. If you like shopping online, drugstore.com has free shipping ($49+; $25 for first-time customer, non-prescription) and no tax and they will regularly ship you “essentials.” They’ve got your precious pretty baby oil gel. Have you tried the green/aloe one?

    Doesn’t baby oil just dry up? I love the smell of J&J’s. Ah.

  4. If you wait much longer, you’ll have to get the store to deliver it.

    It’s good you have your priorities in order. Nothing happens without the right oil.

  5. @ Katrice

    You’re welcome. Anytime. I check frequently.

    @ Lashawn

    Baby oil disappears. The gel was specially formulated to prevent disappearance. It’s LOOOOONG lasting.

    @ Fresh

    Try it and you too with miss a shower if you run out. Trust me. It’s THAT good. Follow instructions on bottle.

    @ Andy

    It made my day that Ho bath is new to you!!! Girls. We have our own little secret world.

    @ Macarena

    Thanks for the link. I actually looked for the gel on Amazon. LOL.

    It doesn’t dry up like regular baby oil.

    The aloe has no scent.

    No apologies for the lack of shower. No body needs to be that close to me these days for it to matter.

    @ Leon

    Hey there. You have NO idea.

    @ Gela

    All showered and lubed up now. I bought some gel today. 2 bottles. I’m ordering online from now on.

    @ Heart

    Nothing that matters, at least ;-)!

  6. I’m with ya on this one, Lex. I live in Colorado where we get 300+ days of sunshine, which is great but the climate is very dry so my skin cries. Stick with the silk. People will forgive the stink; skin doesn’t forgive neglect!

  7. Lex, no apologies? Whoo-hoo! (But it sounds that way, is all I was saying.)

    But I think people are being too strict. It’s not using deoderant that funks people up. The areas not covered by a ho bath won’t smell in two or three days.

    I bought the aloe one today, but then I didn’t feel like taking a shower!

    I love your loyalty to the lavender. No one can sway you! Stay strong.

  8. When you are out of your normal stuff, try aquaphor by Eucerin.

    Lex, Here in the frozen tundra of Connecticut, where we have heat on 6 months of the year, cold dry air from outside and hot showers to make us feel human in the morning, we get dry, cracked, chapped skin.

    Aquaphor is the ONLY thing that keeps my skin healthy looking and feeling.

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