Let’s Vote Already

I am so sick of campaign commercials. I can’t wait for Tuesday at 8pm when the polls are closed finally, and the results start to roll in.

I am absolutely addicted to historical turning points. I watched the news for 3 days when September 11th happened; stayed up all night long to watch the Dubya Florida mess; and although I will be in St. Louis the night the election results roll in (and therefore unable to catch things from my local news perspective) I will still be glued to the tube to see how things turn out.

But I’m tired of the campaigning already.

Everyone’s going to vote on Tuesday, right?


17 thoughts on “Let’s Vote Already

  1. I always do. I think it would be very bad karma not to. But it’s getting harder and harder to tell the candidates from each other.

    At least in NC, I could vote against Jesse Helms. I knew who the bad guys were, and voted for the default candidate.

    I am quite sick of seeing people standing in the road with signs, waving at cars. Do they REALLY think this will win them votes?

    What will you be doing in St. Louis?

  2. @ Heart

    I know what you mean about not being able to tell the candidates apart. I really hate feeling like I’m choosing the lesser of two evils, but I’m compelled to participate in the process. It buys my right to complain and criticize later.

    You know, when I was running this afternoon I saw a sign in someone’s front yard for a county council position. There was a banner across the sign that said “Teacher Recommended”, I’ll probably vote for her. You raise an interesting question about what really gets folks votes. I’ll be paying attention to my motivation on Tuesday, and maybe even blogging about them. I like to think I’m not easily bought by propoganda, but we’ll see.

    I just committed to a party affiliation for the first time. I’m tired of being independent and therefore left out of the primaries.

    I’m going to St. Louis for a training for work. Do you know the city? I’ve got 2 days to see it, so please let me know if there are any must sees/dos.

  3. While in St. Louis, log in to wusa9.com to keep up with the results.

    I will definitely vote on Tuesday. Passed down from my grandmother, this is a must. I realized what voting meant to her when I saw her worry over being able to get to the polls while hospitalized years ago. For her generation, the right to vote cost too much to shrug it off.

  4. I change the channel when the ads come on tv. I can’t stand them. One of our news stations (www.9news.com) is holding the candidates accountable with “truth tests” and I like that idea. So, I agree with you and heartinsanfrancisco in that it’s hard to tell the candidates from each other. What a shame.

    Anyhow, I can’t wait to vote. I love that my little voice counts for something.

  5. LOL ;o) My motto is that no one is allowed to “bi#ch” about it if they didn’t vote.

    If they voted from the “wrong” candidate then I ask them what did they learn?…

    Great message. VOTE!!!

    Thanks for stopping by! I will get my rececipe(sp?) for you…(i before e except…crap…)

  6. Yep… I’ll be getting up extra early so I can hit the polls in the morning before work and before the big crowds hit. Hopefully I can get in and out of there fairly quick.

    I agree with superstar, and adhere to the philosophy that those who don’t vote have no right to complain.

    As for the ads… yeah, ENOUGH already.

    What is really sad these days is that most of the time you don’t end up voting for the person who’s the most qualified… because when you boil everything down, none of the candidates is really all that qualified. More often than not, we end up voting for the person who sucks the least. What’s the deal with THAT?

    Too bad there’s not a “None of the above” button. I’d be pressing the heck out of it.

  7. The ads rile me up. I went to an official site, and all it had initially was negative stuff about the opponent. I couldn’t care less what people think of their opponents. They know you’re choosing between two evils, that’s why the ads are set up that way.

    Unfortunately, I can’t stand the wait, so it won’t be over for me until after the resolution of the contested vote.

    Angry Black Bitch is a great St. Louis source.

  8. I’m starting to realize how lucky I am. Living in Virginia, I get to vote on gay marriage. I also get to vote against George Allen, who is a foul, racist, reactionary douchebag.

  9. Yay, Crankster. Someone wanted to leave the state, claiming she’s ashamed it’s so conservative. It doesn’t occur to anyone* to encourage more like-minded voters to move here!

    *(I don’t know anyone and have no influence.)

  10. When I was first old enough to vote, I registered as a Socialist. They sent me newsletters at my Republican parent’s home. I soon realized I couldn’t vote in elections and switched to Democrat.

    I’ve become quite disillusioned with both parties the last few years and would prefer to vote for Mickey Mouse or Mother Goose if only they were on the ballot.

    I don’t know St. Louis. I was just wondering why you were going there. Be sure and tell us anything interesting that happens on your trip.

  11. I voted! I always get anxious around voting time though. I’m not a history buff nor am I politically savvy. I get on line and try to play catch up with all the debates and make sense of what is going on so I can make a conscious decision at the polls. I hate walking up and feeling like I’m being attacked as I try to remember who and what I’m voting for and praying no one wants to get into a debate on a subject I know little about. But hey I did my research and voted. It’s funny, I’ve checked twice today to see what the outcomes are.

  12. it was good to get out the vote. even though voting doesn’t seem to drastically change things in my neck of the woods, i certainly believe that you can’t complain if you don’t vote.

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