Nothing Important

So, today…

1. I am so glad so many people went to the polls Tuesday. I don’t care about the results (at least not in a way I want to talk about here) but I’m glad so many Americans participated. Yay, Us!!

2. I’m breaking out in hives again. At first I thought I had connected it to stress, but now I’m thinking it’s the combination of stress and caffeine that does me in. Coffee is evil. Drink green tea! The hives were so bad I scratched my left butt cheek raw and have skin peeling from it. TMI, I know. But I need you to feel my pain.

3. I really like red wine. I wasn’t much of a connoisseur before, but I’m getting better at picking good ones. I bought the $19 Chianti at this St. Louis hotel, because it’s the cheapest. I’d rather drink communion wine, I think. Bottoms up, though!

4. is my friend. Spell check in Blogger sucks butt.

5. I want to click my heals 3 times and make my hotel bed teleport to my apartment. I wish it were home…I wish it were home….I wish it were home.

6. I’m studying for the LSAT. I take it in February. I think I finally know what I want to be when I grow up.

7. I am feeling a lot better recently about where I am in figuring out my whole faith thingy. Check out Unpacking Faith for updates. Shameless plug, I know, for my other neglected blog.

8. I have met some really great people this year in Blogdom. I used to think people with “computer friends” were whacko. Maybe they are. Maybe I am!

9. The holidays are coming! Yay! I don’t really know what I’m so excited about. There’s bound to be family drama where one person, or several, will avoid the gathering because someone else, or some issue, will be present. I think I’ve done the best job of pissing off the fam this year. Maybe I should be the one to sit it out. Meh, probably not. Why is it that I enjoy the holidays again?

10. Anybody have any exceptional cookie recipes? I’ve got the Toll House one. Thanks.

11. I’m not feeling St. Louis. What’s with all the grillz? I thought I was in the ATL or something. The funny thing is one of these dudes with a grill brought me my wine last night and had a completely intelligent conversation with me about wine. Why did he have to have gold on all 8 of his teeth?


10 thoughts on “Nothing Important

  1. And yay, U.S.!

    5. But hotels rock!
    Unless it’s the Madrid one that was hotter than hell. And I couldn’t be naked because I was sharing the room w/ my sister.

    8. Me too!

    The butt falling off wasn’t TMI, but that picture is wrong. (Also, I thought grillz were restaurants.)

  2. I actually have an entire cookbook of just cookie recipes that I have never tried. My daughter brings it to me periodically and says Mommy we should make these. And I laugh and tell her Mommy does not bake. She says yes you do, you bake the cookies that we buy from the store–the roll of tollhouse cookies. Kids are so cute–she thinks I can bake!!!

  3. @ ~m~
    I thought of that after I typed “us”. LOL

    I probably would have been naked in a room with my sister…but I don’t have a sister, so maybe I’m wrong about that.

    Sorry about the details, but I needed you guys to get it.

    What? You don’t like my Bling?

    @ Shellie

    Well, Aunt Lexi to the rescue!!! Let me take a look at it, will ya?

    @ Debbie

    I feel , at least in part, that YOU did this to me!!

  4. Re: #9 Isn’t family drama an integral part of the holidays? It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, 4th of July…without it.
    Re: #10 I have lots of great cookie recipes, I just have to unpack them and dust them off for you.

  5. I SOOOO want a grill! I am going to have to cop one on my next visit to Sharpstown Mall…. I can’t stand a man with jewelry on his teeth unless he is rapping with that one lip up and one eye half closed look. Ohhhh weee! It will make me want to do some things! LOL. I need the Lord right now….

    N-T-WAYS, your GRILL looks fab!

  6. @ LaShawn

    I guess?

    @ Andy

    LOL Actually a friend photoshopped that pic and sent it to me a while ago. This was the first time I found a use for it!

    @ KMF

    Thanks, Boo!! Yours is coming.

    @ Katrice

    Why? You don’t like my Bling?

  7. Lex, I just looked over at my wine rack to see which bottle I’m going to open in honor of you but there’s NONE there. (sniff-sniff) We drink red wine — lots of it. My favorite is Pinot Noir because it’s nice and light but I’m beginning to really like chianti too.

    Gotta go to the liquor store… bye!

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