When I was in 5th grade we had a subsitute teacher named Mr. Cannabis. Now, I can’t tell you if that’s how he spelled his name or not, but I do remember that that was his name. I also remember that none of us ever noticed that at the time.

…Like my dad. He was walking around sporting this brand new belt he’d bought himself. He was proud of the great buy (like 5 bucks or something), but the buckle was a big ol’ weed leaf!! Straight cannabis! My dad is an HR director for a swanky retirement community, people!! Here went our conversation:

Dad, do you know what that is on your belt buckle?

Huh? I don’t know. I just needed a new belt, so I bought this one.

Dad, it’s weed!! (Doubling over laughing at this point as I realize he really has no clue.)

Oh, well, I didn’t know.

Obviously. I need you to get another belt. You can’t be walking around with weed on your belt.

I then took him to my laptop and Google Imaged “cannabis” so that he could see for himself. He seemed like he still needed convincing.

Fast forward to Monday…

I went to meet him at his job for lunch. He has 200 employees where he works, many of them are young…and know what the hell weed is when they see it. I looked down at his belt buckle and there was a hole where the weed emblem used to screw in.

So, I see you got rid of the weed leaf?

Yeah, all the young kids were comin’ up to me, giving me five and winking at me, going, “Yeah, Mr. F.”

I’m glad you got rid of it.

Mental note: Daddy needs a belt for Christmas.


17 thoughts on “Cannabis

  1. You just got to love a young “hip” father! LOL ;o)

    I still remember catching my parents “doing it, you know IT” when I was in about the 5th grade.
    ~scratching out eye balls~

    I remember thinking “My eyes, my eyes, my one good eye!”

    LOL ;o)

  2. Aw, why can’t you let him be cool?

    That reminds me of the dad in Boomerang: You got to coordinate. Mushroom shirt. Mushroom belt. Mushroom jacket lining.

  3. HILARIOUS!!! You gotta love an HR man that’s so hip that he can wear a pot leaf.

    Too bad he took it off the belt though… let’s all start a belt-fund for him, and help keep him from making future office/fashion faux pas.

    This is CLASSIC!

  4. Oh, that’s funny! I wonder how many times all of us have had some symbol we didn’t recognize. 🙂

    I’ll bet your dad won’t forget that one! LOL


    Thailand Gal

  5. I remember when my parents divorced and my mom was “out there” again. Someone taught her the bird. So my mom was so excited that she could flash what I like to call he 1 finger wave and be vulgar without saying a word. She thought she was soooo cool flipping up that finger everywhere she went…

  6. Hilarious belt story. You’ve GOT to get at least one photo of your dad with the belt on. Then you can do that old public service commercial, “I learned it from YOU, dad! From YEW!”

    It’s like McDonalds and their coke spoon coffee stirrers – innocence corrupted.

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