Awake….Thinking of Christmas

I have joined the ranks of my most beloved insomniacs.

I planned to start going to the gym at 5:30am this week, but I can’t fall asleep. I fell asleep at 3am yesterday, so the gym was out and I’m wide awake now at 1 am. I need to sleep so that I can get up early, but my body’s not making the switch!!! I may just have to stay up all night so that I conk out at 9:30pm tomorrow to get on my new schedule.

Christmas shopping! I’ve been browsing tonight for good buys on gifts. I’m not in the mood for Black Friday or any day thereafter. But, I’m so amazingly frugal, that I can’t bear that I know I can buy some of the gifts I have my eyes on for cheaper if I just go search out the bargain.

I’m off all next week. I’m going to buy my very first, very own Christmas tree. I’m really excited. There’s no compromise. I get to buy what I want and I don’t have to take anybody else into consideration… But then, there’s Christmas morning. I have never, ever, ever awaken in an empty house on Christmas Day. I climbed into my mom and dad’s bed to wake them up so that we could go downstairs and open presents every year of my life until I was 24!!! What am I going to do? I can’t wake up alone in my apartment on Christmas morning. That’s not going to work. I may have to go home and wake up with Mommy and Daddy like I did last year (except I was living there last year).

Tell me about your holiday doings? Do you shop early? Are you done? Waiting until Christmas eve? Don’t do Christmas? Bah, Humbug? Open gifts on 24th pm? 25th am? Read The Night Before Christmas? Luke 2? Egg nog? Hot buttered rum? Cider? Secret Santa? Buy for the whole family? I want to hear it all. So tell me already!

Here are some things I expect to see every Christmas morning.

My folks always make a huge fruit basket, always while we’re sleeping, always with a pineapple in the middle, all kinds of nuts, tangerines and Christmas candies…especially red and green peanut M&Ms, the house favorite. And there’s always, always a poinsettia. Even with the dogs. That’s a myth.

More questions: Did you believe in Santa? Do you still? Was he taboo? A sin? Satan? Do you let your kids have Santa? My friend’s 4 year old still calls him “the boy”. She has no idea who he is. Not because my friend is withholding him…she’s just trying to buy as much time as she possibly can. I think the cat’s outta the bag this year…at least if I have anything to do with it.

Latkes!! I associate those with Christmas too, although I know they’re Jewish, so that’s just wrong. I love them. This came from celebrating all of the winter holidays with my students when I taught 1st and 2nd grade. I love all the traditions. Anybody know how to play Dradle? What about the words to the song?


13 thoughts on “Awake….Thinking of Christmas

  1. I did believe in Santa. I was very sad when I found out he wasn’t real.

    I was also on Amazon looking for gifts last night. I hate the Black Friday rush.

  2. I love Christmas! I love shopping at the last minute, the mad ruch at the mall, the cursing people out for touching/bumping into me at the mall, baking cookies and cakes…My husband and I exchange gifts around midnight on Christmas eve – the morning is all about the children (who no longer believe in Santa).

  3. My daughter still believes in Santa–now that she is in public school this may be the last year for that so I plan to milk it! You are welcome to sleep at my house Christmas Eve and get up with us, but I will draw the line at you getting in bed with us Christmas morning!! If you decide to come, I promise to have oranges as M&Ms, and I can get pineapples in a can, but you gotta bring your own darn poinsetta!!

  4. Dradle?? Ok, I guess that’s an american thing.

    I’m going to spend xmas with my Mom and her husband in Florida. I can’t wait, feel like a child again.

    It’s your 1st xmas on your own? Awww, never mind.

    I love/hate xmas.

  5. OMG I could go on and on…I LOVE Christmas. It is my FAVORITE holiday.

    I live alone and I redo the whole house, right down to the pictures on the wall. My friends exclaim “santa “threw-up” in here”! An the little reindeer too!
    I have 10 bins of stuff and enough decor for 2 different tree’s. One tree get’s silver and blue and the other is silver and pink…(My tree has blue balls! LOL ;o)

    PHEW…I will have to do a whole post.

    I do recommend taking all gifts from family to your parents house for your “normal” traditions. Our family opens one gift on Christmas eve and the rest on Chrsitmas morning. My Sister and her husband drag me to the In-law houses for the adult beverage and White Elephant gifts…then I “pass-out” at sisters house and wake up to 3 yr old and 1 yr old this year WHOOO HOOOING!!!!

    E-mail me for the recepie. ;o)

  6. Okay – -If you really want to jump in bed with us Christmas morning you can…that can be my husband’s christmas gift from me! (JUST JOKES) but I will sweeten the pot and make you waffles Christmas morning — some crazy person bought us a waffle iron for a wedding gift.

  7. All I can say is! I buy online now. Why go out and drag it in when someone will bring it to the door already in a box?!?!? LOL. Right now people are starting free shipping too…yippee!

  8. @ LaShawn

    Awww. That’s special that you guys have your special moment at midnight…and I see your mama rubbed off on you after all, huh?

    @ Shellie

    Thanks, Sweetie. I will ABSOLUTELY take you up on that offer!! How can I turn down waffles AND a romp with Adrian?!?!?!

    @ Gela

    It’s a Jewish thing. No never mind…what were you gonna say??? Don’t do that to me.

    @ Superstar

    Sure thing!! White Elephant gifts!! Is this planned or are folks just cheap? I’ve heard of parties where you must give white elephant gifts.

    @ KMF

    Oooooh! Thanks!!

    @ ~m~

    I knew I could count on you to take the challenge. Thanks for correcting my spelling! LOL

    Line 3: And when it’s dry and ready

  9. Macarena beat me to it, but I definitely remember that dreidel song.

    I never believed in Santa. It never made sense to me. I lived in an apartment with no chimney, and I didn’t believe that lie about him having a master key.

    And I could never bring myself to lie to my kids. They asked and I said, “Sweetie, Daddy and I buy the gifts.” They were relieved.

    For me, Christmas is all about the food! And seeing the joy on the kids’ faces when they open their presents. And I always try to surprise Kwesi with a great gift he’ll never expect.

  10. This year I plan to…


    But even though I’m taking a few extra days off work around Christmas, the jury is still out on whether or not that’ll happen. I’m just really hoping it won’t end up being a “working holiday”.

    We’ll see!

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