Let’s Get Cookin’

I’m sure everyone has probably decided what they’re cooking for Thursday, or at least how they’re getting out of cooking. Congratulations and good eats! I’m making 2 kinds of cranberry sauce. One is pretty traditional, the other is spicy and involves port and pecans. It’s a creation all my own. I’ll let you know if I’m the only one who eats it. But, believe it or not, I’m on to Christmas.

Remember I said that I was going to give baked goods for gifts this year? Well, I went out yesterday just to peruse the retail world to see what non-food goodies caught my eye for the people I love the most. I’ve come to the conclusion, once again, that I love people way more than my bank account can support. So, I’m back to the baking idea. I hadn’t abandoned it; I just thought that maybe I could throw in a few extras. Well, no! I can’t.

So, off to Cakes Plus to pick up my special holiday kitchen essentials. I bought the cutest miniature tart pans and 6 inch spring-form cake pans. I also bought mini muffin tins and loaf pans and the best gift containers that can be kept and used over and over again. I had a blast and I’m going to have so much fun baking. I love to cook for people I love. I spent quite a bit of money, but it didn’t come close to 1/3 of the price of just ONE of the gifts I’d love to be able to give this year. [Sigh] One year money will be no object for me at Christmastime. One day.

Anyways, do you want to know what I’ve decided on so far? I’ll tell you, but first let me warn you…I don’t like most things traditional and expected. So, no Christmas symbol shaped cut outs, no gingerbread men, and no boring sugar cookies. I’m sorry. If you were hoping to get any of those, please let me direct you to the refrigerated section of your local grocer. I’ll bet you’ll find what you need.

On to the list…

  1. Cranberry-Orange Muffins (requested)
  2. Italian Fig Cookies
  3. Pistachio Lime Cookies
  4. Dark Chocolate Chipotle Cookies (for a friend who loves that sweet/spicy combination, like me!)
  5. Pecan-Praline Lace Cookies
  6. Chocolate Hazelnut Tartlettes
  7. Jam Thumbprints (because they’re my favorites)
  8. Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies (because they’re Santa’s favorites)
  9. Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookies (with and without pecans) (because they kick ass)
  10. Mixed Fruit Tartlettes (I thought somebody requested these, and I think I know who, but I didn’t see her comment at the old post. Maybe I’m imagining it. Speak up if you asked for this, otherwise somebody’s gonna get them and be like, what the..?)
  11. Oreo Cheesecake (requested)
  12. The BEST Carrot Cake in the World (Nobody requested this, but it’s the best, so somebody’s gotta eat it. Besides, I’ve got to use that cute little pan for something.)

So that’s what I’m thinking of so far. Not too many folks took me up on my solicitation of requests, so I hope you like what other people requested. Here’s your last chance to either chime in on these, or let me know what else you like.

What do you think?

I’m excited to start. I might need to try out my tartlette pans with something extra for Thursday. We’ll see.


12 thoughts on “Let’s Get Cookin’

  1. And as expected, Mr. Metabolism leaves the first comment!

    Your list ROCKS… and carrot cake is one of my all time FAVORITE things in the whole world. Especially if you make it with the cream cheese icing.


    I’ll have one of everything… and a tall glass of milk to wash it down.


  2. If you are on a SERIOUS budget, do Banana bread, They are super on the “big present” and they are easy to “streach” the extra mile. Go to the dollar store and you can get “mini pans” 5 for $1 OR 1 big pan for $1. Nanna’s are cheap and it only takes 3 LARGE ones for 2 large loaves. ;o) I make “female” and Male bread every year. (Female=no nuts; and my “trani has nuts and choco in it! LOL ;o)

    Then you can spend a couple more $1 on picture frames at the $1 store, a calander…little gifts that look expensive but are PERFECT!!
    OH Big lots is my other fav at X-mas…$100-Mart (aka wal-mart) can’t even compare.)

    They all sound yummie!

  3. *pouts* so no gingerbread men for me? 😦
    I’ma try making an apple tart for BJ. Its what his lil heart desires. I so CANNOT bake. shit. I must be in love. :S

  4. Just to make the rest of you appreciate what you had, I spent Thanksgiving in Belgium with my sister. They do not celebrate thanksgiving there, so for thanksgiving dinner we had waffles (of course) and we managed to find some ham sandwiches. But I’m not complaining we were in BELGIUM for goodness sake!!! And to put the icing on the cake, Belgium is known for brewing some of the strongest beers in the world and they even had a delicious cherry flavored beer!!! Forget the pilgrims–I am going back to Belgium next year!

    PS –Never one to resist the unknown, I clicked the wheelchair and that just cracked me up–it was like a sound byte from the Exorcist!!!

  5. @ Shellie

    So glad to hear from you!! I hope you’re having fun and I’m so jealous. If you go back next Thanksgiving I’M COMING WITH YOU!!!!

    Hurry back.

  6. You might just be my hero. Sounds like a cool mix of colors, textures, and flavors.

    I know of a great lime mousse cake recipe that turns out insanely well. Drop me a line if you’re interested!

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