What’s Your Sign?

I have not had anything interesting to talk about recently. The problem isn’t a dearth of ideas actually. It’s that I can’t really write about the stuff that’s been on my mind. Get your filthy minds out of the gutter! I don’t want to write about that. But I am avoiding a particular topic for the moment because I have to. It’s times like this that make me wish this blog was anonymous.

So, I have to figure out how to think past the stuff that is really preoccupying my thoughts.

Oh, here’s a subject: the Zodiac.

Hey, Girl. What’s your sign?

I have recently become a little smitten with astrology. I’m still not sure what I really think about it all. For the majority of my life I was conditioned that astrology was akin to the Antichrist, that it was occultic. I was taught that I had to renounce my “spiritual ties” that were formed with “the dark side” as a result of merely reading my horoscope even once ever in life. I think I probably even got olive oil on my forehead over this one. Geez!! I can’t believe I used to be that kind of Christian. It would be terribly hilarious to me if it weren’t so ridiculous and so ridiculously prevalent. *Sigh*

Anyway, I’m really amazed by how squarely “on the head” the descriptions of Gemini hit it. I have read so much that is me to a T. [Long pause………… my ADD took me to google to find out where “to a T” came from. Nobody knows for sure, bottom line. Now on with the post…….] Sometimes the descriptions are even more accurate than I could have written myself, and I tend to be at the very least as introspective as the average bear.

I receive daily horoscope emails. What? Shut up! Your mama‘s pathetic!! [sticks out tongue] For about five or six days a couple of weeks ago, those things were so on it I had to forward them to a friend for an objective opinion. It was absolutely freaky. The horoscopes are the least intriguing part of the entire discipline. I’m much more amazed by how spot on the descriptions of each sign seem to be for me and for so many people I know. Of course there are many exceptions, but not enough to disqualify it for me just yet. There’s something to. I may never put my finger on it, but there’s something there. I may have to chalk it up to one of the many mysteries of the universe, but it’s intriguing nonetheless.

So, do you know anything about astrology? What’s your sign? Have you ever researched what astrologers say about your sign? Is it accurate? Close? Way off?

Never read about yourself and want to? Go here. I’m sure there are probably better sites. Let me know if you have one, but this will get you started.

Oh, and then there’s the whole deal with compatibility and sexuality in this astrological light. Hmmm?

What do you guys think?


18 thoughts on “What’s Your Sign?

  1. okaaaay Lex. Still on that Thanksgiving high I see .. the train of thought getting outta control 😉
    Anonymous blogs rock! Ms. Spice’s REAL blog is snoreville. zzzzz

  2. @ Spice

    I’ve thought about starting an anonymous blog, but then I would want to direct all of you guys there…but then you’d all know it was mine, so I’d be defeating the purpose.

    Yeah, I get a little distracted with a full belly. 🙂

  3. I like when Leo sounds like me, I just don’t believe that everyone born during that span is alike.

    If you read your horoscope during the day, you can make it happen. I used to read mine the next day to see whether it was right. It rarely was. But maybe I should follow the romantic directions…

  4. I read about the cancer traits. I must say they were dead on – the positive and negative sides. Of course I wouldn’t want to base my daily activities on what my horoscope says is in store for the day. I may never leave the house again.

  5. @ ~m~ and Lashawn

    I agree that the horoscopes carry much less weight. I don’t like the “fortune telling” one’s anyway. It just amazes me when they describe a place I am in to a T.

    And while I don’t think individuals born under the same sign are exactly alike, I do think there are similarities that are uncanny when you think about the odds of dividing the world into 12 groups of folks.

    For instance, Kwesi and I are both Geminis. We are very different people, but we get on Tania’s nerves in the exact same ways. LOL

  6. LOL — Now everyone knows my name is really Tania. LOL

    Well, I also agree that there is something to this astrology thing. I think it actually complements the Creator. Wouldn’t it make sense that He didn’t just randomly throw stars up there, but that there is an order and purpose to it? Constellations have always fascinated me for this reason.

    I was born at 5 a.m. on the first day of my sign, so I tend to actually have the exact tendencies of the previous sign. “On the cusp,” I think they call it.

  7. I’m a Leo (purrrr) and I think it fits me to a “T”.

    I like to read about astrology too but I even so, I feel like I know nothing about it.

  8. I’m a Cancerian… some of what astrologers say about a cancer is right on the money, but I read some of it just don’t think it fits me well.

    Maybe I’m really a Leo that was just born too early. hehe… I’ll have to read the Leo description and see if that fits me better.

  9. I’m a Cancer, born on the cusp of Gemini at 5:05 a.m.

    Note to Katrice: Your real name is Tania? Is Katrice your middle name, then? I guess Kwesi’s real name IS Kwesi, or else Lex didn’t blow his cover.

    I think most of the descriptions of my sign do fit me, except for the part about attracting money. I’m definitely misaligned there. Interestingly, (to me,) in Chinese astrology, I’m a Tiger, and the descriptions of the tiger are exactly like those of cancer.

    I believe there is something universal in the system, but that we’ve forgotten a lot over the centuries that would make things more clear.

    I do not base my activities on my horoscope, though, and in fact, rarely read it.

  10. I was just writing about this whole Astrology thing a week or so ago. Sometimes I get sick of the whole practical, ambitious, status-focused Capricorn description. Mostly because I know a whole lot of Capricorns who aren’t that way. Or maybe I’m engaging in self-hate? 🙂

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