2006 Closeout (UPDATED with Spoiler)

I have the next 9 days off. What a way to bring in the New Year. I get to relax, reflect and do only the things I want to do for the next week and a weekend. It doesn’t get much better than this.

I’ve had a lot going on as this year has drawn to a close. Until last night, my place looked like a cyclone hit it. Every dish in my house was dirty, there were bowls of dried batter, cake frosting and God knows what else. It was gross and too big of a job for me to tackle, so I ignored it all week long.

I knew I wanted to start vacation with a clean slate this morning so last night I demonstrated the ultimate, utter laziness imaginable. I hired Katrice’s kids to clean it for me. Man, what kids will do for money. They agreed to help me before they saw the actual project. I fully expected them to bow out once they cast their eyes upon my scuzz, but despite their repulsion, they wanted the cash. Let me tell you, that was the best $40 I’ve ever spent in my life. My kitchen sparkles today. What’s better is that since they handled the kitchen, I got to clean up the rest of the apartment. It feels like home again, not like Santa’s bakeshop gone amuck. I feel like I have a nice soothing place to relax and enjoy my vacation.

Now, speaking of vacation. I’m going to try to take time to breathe, relax, reflect on this past year and set some goals for next year. I’ll start back in the gym since the holidays have done what they do to my routine and regimen. I’ll try to spend time with myself a little more and get a little more settled within on a couple of issues that are still more unsettling for me than I’m comfortable with. More on those as I reflect. You might have to check Unpacking Faith though, since some of those issues are particular to that journey I’m chronicling over there.

I’ve got some Christmas pics, as promised. A few of my favorite things. All food.

Turnip greens. OK, I’m not the biggest fan of turnip greens, I prefer collards or kale, but these are great as long as I don’t have to eat the turnips. It’s funny how you usually can’t get kids to eat veggies, but sit a black kid down in front of some greens and see what happens.

Rice. We’re a rice and gravy family. Not mashed potatoes. I’ve tried a couple of times to slip some taters on the table, but somebody always brings the rice. It goes with the brisket and gravy that my uncle makes. A couple of us (the kids) have sat at granny’s feet long enough to make a decent brisket. But Uncle Ed’s rocks.

Do you know what these are? Hint: there’s a vinegar bottle to the left of the bowl and to the right you can see the red top of the hot sauce bottle. Any guesses?

SPOILER: Click for the answer.

Here’s the whole spread.

And here’s Ed’s brisket.

This is my plate. My fork is pointing to what is left of my first helping of the stuff you’re supposed to be trying to identify.

And this is the shot NO one is supposed to take. Ever. A fat girl eating.

I’ll spare you all my plumber shot. My brother took a picture of me opening gifts on Christmas Eve. Apparently with as much ass as I have, it’s completely insensitive to draft. It seems he sat right behind me and took the pic. I never knew he was there, but it was baaaaaaaad. Let’s just say there’s something to be said for granny panties. I better pick up a few.

So, 20 smooches to whoever gets Name That Pic right. And, one question in the interest of diversity. Do other people take pictures of food (and caskets) or is that just a black folk thing?

I have really enjoyed meeting all of you wonderful people this year. And as 2006 comes to a close I wish you all joy, peace, love and the abundant richness of all that means the most to you in the coming year.



25 thoughts on “2006 Closeout (UPDATED with Spoiler)

  1. It seems to have a topping of bread crumbs, but it could be anything. I can tell it’s perfectly done, though.

    Thanks for posting the pic of yourself, Lovely One.

    Your last paragraph is a gem. I wish you the same, and couldn’t say it better.

  2. Oh. My. Dear. Lord.

    WOW. I’m starving just looking at all this!! Now I know what to expect once we get settled. 😉

    By the way… sit ME down in front of a big bowl of greens and see what happens. Mmmmmmmm!!!!

    Happy New Year, darlin’!

  3. @ Deb

    Yeah, I knew you took pics of food, but I always thought that was just to share your delicacies with us. I guarantee somebody in my family has a pic of every single holiday meal we’ve ever eaten. What’s up with that?

    @ Heart

    If you click on the pic you can see it much better. No bread crumbs. Keep guessing?

    I wouldn’t have posted that pic except that it was just so wrong. I have a better pic from the part Friday that I’ll post when I get it. It’s of me laughing. That’s how I enjoy myself most and I want you all to have the pleasure.

    It sure has been great to get to know you, Sage One. Cheers to another year of blogging together!

    @ Andy

    Looks yummy, huh, Hon? I’ll force a date out of you yet.

    (I’m reeling him in ladies. Reelin’ ‘im in.)

    C’mon, Country Boy. You’re not going to take a stab at the mystery bowl?

  4. Ok… I think ~macarena~ hit it. I think they’re chitlins.

    Never had ’em, but I never met pork I didn’t like.

    You pick the date, and we’ll both talk about who to get for the minister. I’m really only worried about “meet the parents” night, based on what they did to Katrice!!! LOL

  5. I love food, every thing about food, the look, the smells, the taste. Wishing you a very relaxing vacation and the best of everything the new year has to bring.

    P.S. I just read the last post of your other blog but unfortunately I didn’t have time to go back and read from the beginning. But I wanted to let you know that I was reading and that I feel your uncertainty, for a lack of a better word, but I’ll hold my comments until I read the whole thing.

  6. @ ~m~

    You guessed it, Mama. Have some?

    Reelin’ in the years?

    @ Andy

    My parents are harmless, sweets. They’re crazy. But that doesn’t scare you. At least I hope not ‘cuz you’re in trouble with me if it does.

    I’ll be thinking about a date. Valentine’s Day doesn’t give me enough time to make all the plans. But it would be so sweet, don’t you think?

    Whachu know ’bout chitlins?

    @ Tanique

    Oh wow. Thanks for reading. I’m looking forward to your comments.

  7. Andy, Lex’s parents are the best. They’ll poke fun at you like they did me, but it’s all in love!

    I would have sworn it was some kind of seafood. Never seen chitterlings before. Or as Kwesi calls them, shitlins.

    Tha pic of you is priceless! THAT is the look of elation that I look forward to everytime I feed you! Folks, she makes slavin’ over a hot stove worthwhile. That face is usually accompanied by a giant groan of delight.

  8. You have officially cracked me up this evening!! I love that picture of you eating. That is some real joy right there. I love it.

    I take pictures of anything.

    I cheated and clicked on the spoiler. I would totally eat that. Was it good?

  9. Thanks for the goddies! They were delish! Jai and I (along with a few others) devoured them! They were well worth the chaos in my opinion. Thanks again and Happy New Year!

  10. Don’t you have to make black-eyed peas tonight to see in the New Year?

    That was the tradition when I lived in the South, although I have to confess I didn’t like them much. Or grits, either. (Hopeless NY girl, what can I tell you?)

    Lots of love and happiness to you in 2007, Lexi!!

  11. LOL ;o) I see a beautiful girl enjoying…no savoring EVERY bite! ;o)

    That is a feast of KINGS!!!

    ~rubs tummy~

    Happy New Year!

  12. @ Katrice

    I can’t believe YOU have never seen chitterlings before.

    And I’m happy to eat your cooking, anytime. Just call me.

    @ Andy

    I guess the smooches are yours since ~m~ gave ’em up: smooch, smooch, smooch, smooch, smooch, smooch, smooch, smooch, smooch, smooch, smooch, smooch, smooch, smooch, smooch, smooch, smooch, smooch, smooch, smooch, smooch, smooch, smooch, smooch, smooch!

    @ djn

    I am typical anti-soul food, except for the holidays. I’ll only eat chitterlings once a year, and I’ll only eat them if my Granny makes them. These this year were the best EVER. And I told her so.

    @ ~m~

    OK. More for me. I could give up pork if it weren’t for bacon.

    @ Kyla

    I’m glad you enjoyed them. I have more…please come take them off my hands. Happy New Year, love.

    @ Heart

    YES!! We always have black-eyed peas for New Year’s. I didn’t go to Granny’s today, so I missed out. No luck for me, I guess. I’ll have to depend on your well wishes. Thanks.

    @ Superstar

    Thanks, sweetie. It was delicious. Happy New Year.

    @ Mist1

    Aw, are you ok?

  13. No one in my family eats them, and I’ve heard too many stories about the aroma. I can’t stand the smell of boiling pork, for some reason.

    I didn’t grow up on black-eyed peas either. We had the purple hull peas. Boy, I wish I could have those shipped in fresh.

  14. Lex…. As we all know, my father is the only chitterling “liker” (I don’t think he LOVES them and I might be outting him on that matter) in my family and that Wiki article REALLY threw me into the I hate , to quote Katrice (Kwesi), shitlins! I had to stand up and pray that God would allow my stomach to settle after reading half of that article. I see all of the rest of you, year after year, battling for those things and I never get it! Also, I had NO IDEA that scrapple was also OFFAL. Wow…you have really made me want to be vegan now. Thank Lex, I needed diet help. LOL. Good thing I polished off the last cran-orange muffin last night. Do you have more of those goodies over there?!?!?!? You are the best!

  15. @ KMF

    Glad to help your dieting efforts in any way I can.

    You know, I tell myself every year that I’m not going to eat them, but then I do because I resist eating the “weird” thing on the table that most people will touch. Make no mistake, I don’t LOVE them either, there’s a total mind game involved, but I like them and for me, they just go with Christmas. THIS year though, Granny said she accidentally put more vinegar that she should have. They were the BEST ever.

    Now, I won’t touch scrapple. I stopped eating it when I was like 10, and then the morning of Rick’s wedding, Charmaine wanted a scrapple, egg and cheese sandwich. I ate with her. What the heck was I thinking? I don’t ever need to eat eggs and cheese together and the scrapple on top of it made me want to gag.

    I really think this was my last year with the chitlins. But, then again, I always say that.

  16. More @ KMF

    I made more cran-orange muffins the other day. I really, really loved those. They were one of my favorites, along with my dad’s gingerbread.

    The cookies are always so labor intensive. Yours were a welcome reprieve.

    I still have more of all the ingredients, so just let me know when you want to come pick up another batch.

    I’m about to make another carrot cake as we speak.

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