I Switched…Successfully, I Think

I switched to the new blogger today. I was terrified that some typical Bloggerness would go down and I’d lose everything, but it looks like I’ve safely crossed over.

Now my head hurts because I copied and pasted all 143 posts on this blog into Word before the switch. I just rolled the dice with the other 2 blogs.

I’m going to rest my eyes now.


8 thoughts on “I Switched…Successfully, I Think

  1. Congratulations! I haven’t taken the step yet. I am resistant to change when I don’t understand what I’m changing to..

  2. I must be the only technogeek on the planet who is resistant to new technology. I haven’t yet bitten the bullet, but I really need to soon and just get it over with.

    Yours looks exactly the same as before (except for the new tags). Maybe I should just throw fate to the wind…


  3. Arrgghh… and the new blogger doesn’t recognize my OLD blogger account on NEW blogger blogs unless I re-login.

    I hate technology.

  4. @ Debbie

    I started to email you to ask how it went. My Blogroll isn’t working though. It wasn’t working before the switch either.

    @ mist1

    I wish I had that hour and a half back.

    @ Superstar

    I responded in your comments. LOL

    @ Heart

    So far it is a little more user friendly for template tweaking. I like being able to add the labels to the posts and it seems much faster. Other than that…I don’t know what I just won.

    @ Andy

    My drop down best of thingy looks weird in IE, but other than that I figured things out without having to bug you. It took a while, but I muddled through it. SO glad you told me to copy my template to my desktop!

  5. I thought I had switched successfully too, until I had all kinds of trouble posting comments on other people’s blogs. My blog itself looked fine.

    Hopefully, your experience will be better than mine.

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