I’m Running out of Titles for Posts That are Just Babbling

I have spent my vacation doing just about absolutely nothing. It has been glorious.

I hung out with friends a couple of days, but I’ve only left the house once in the last two days–to go to the gym for an hour. I made Katrice and Kwesi’s Christmas gifts. I’m so sorry they had to wait, but there was no way for me to get it all done in time. I’m glad they were patient. I switched to the new blogger. I’ve cooked a couple of meals and taken out the trash. I got my Zune to play through my home stereo and that’s about it. Good times.

Today is my dad’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Papi! It’s also my cousin’s birthday. Happy Birthday, T!! It probably sucks for her that her birthday is shared with an old man. We’re having a party for dad at my brother’s house tomorrow. We’re supposed to bring a game and a funny story about my dad. I like the cannabis belt buckle story. We’ll see though. There are so many with that guy. He’s so cute. Does anybody have any new board games that are fun? I’m so sick of Taboo.

I got really angry and frustrated earlier tonight. Here’s my rant if you care.

I’m watching Oprah’s show on nastiness in people’s houses. It’s gross. I’m not a germophobe by far, but this is grossing me out. They just said that dropping a carrot in your toilet would be better than eating a carrot out of your kitchen sink. Something about the toilet being flushed all the time. You’re supposed to use a germicide and a brush with chlorine and water. Dishrags must be cleaned with bleach, same for sponges and air dry everything. No one should use a sponge for more than a month. OK, WHO uses a kitchen sponge for more than a month? Really?

I wish I had something creative and focused to write about tonight, but I only have energy for randomness. Vacation makes me sooooo lazy. I had all these plans that involved getting up early, the gym and studying for the LSAT. Um. I like sleeping past noon much better. It’s coming to an end, so I have to milk it while I can. This is the first vacation I’ve taken that didn’t involve moving. When I was off last month, my brother sprang a new house on me.

I think we don’t take enough time to just chill out, right Heart? I was planning to take myself on a date to Border’s the other night, but my internet addiction won out. I am such a dork but that would be a fabulous date, if you ask me. Buy me coffee and sit me in a bookstore so we can chat it up and read and chat it up some more. I’m a dork. I know.

If you read this blog with any frequency, you may think I’m a little schizo with respect to my relationship with coffee. I used to think it broke me out in hives. I’ve had it a few times over the holidays with no trouble. I’m fully convinced now that my hives are a function of stress. Maybe coffee triggers it when I’m stressed, but coffee alone doesn’t seem to be doing it. Thank you all for all of your concern.

I’m waiting patiently to be stroked by Fresh. I know it’s pathetic, but I want my turn already. I got the short end of ABC order. Not as bad as Lozo though. He’s dead last.

I’m going to shut up now because I’m not saying anything worth saying…except that Dark Damien’s diatribe is hilarious. You should read this on Wednesdays if you don’t already.

I’m out.



8 thoughts on “I’m Running out of Titles for Posts That are Just Babbling

  1. I clean my sink everyday with Comic with the sponge I’m curretly using, kills too birds. I also stick my sponge in the microwave once a week.

    I’m a clean freak.

    I know the strokes are taking forever.

    Word verification is gravy. I think that’s awesome.

  2. I throw away old dishcloths. (I clean them with bleach at least 1x/wk but at a certain point I let them die.

    I can’t believe how some folks live.

  3. You’re not a geek. Just remember that the largest sexual organ is the brain.

    And to hell with the people who don’t understand the lure of bookstores!

  4. Er, I’m NOT supposed to use my sponge for more than a month? Really?

    Microwave the sponge?

    It’s not enough to just bleach it every now and then?


  5. I’m a dishrag kinda girl. That way it gets washed & bleached after just about every day. With 6 of us in the house it gets used a lot. Bleach is my friend.

    I think your idea of a date with yourself is a great one! I would like to do that too. I may head on over to a book store this afternoon before my kids come home and everything gets crazy again.

  6. I love bookstores and coffee shops. They are my favorite indoor hangouts, besides home.

    But then, we always knew that I was a geek.

  7. I have to keep it clean or I go bonkers. I have to make the bed before I go to work…AND don’t even get me started w/ NOT using a public toilet. ~shivers~ GROSS!!

    Before I went into the studio to record my first CD. I broke out into hives on my neck and inner elbow area..stress points. With in 2 hours of my first session ending, I was fine. So freaky…Never had that before.

    OMG LOL ;o) You are too funny!

    gets the whip out~whapa~ Back to the grind of School! WHOOO HOOO!

  8. Thanks for the gifts! They were delicious! We didn’t mind the wait.

    Yeah, you’ve got the worst internet addiction I’ve ever witnessed in my life. But knowing it is half the battle. LOL

    Sponges really should go after 2 weeks in my opinion, unless they haven’t gotten much use. I AM a germophobe, trapped in a world of slobs. I miss when I was single and my world was clean. *sigh*

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