Idol 6–Yes, Here We Go Again

OH, GOOD LORD IN HEAVEN !!!! Why oh why do I watch American Idol every season? We’re less than one hour into Season 6 and I’m already shouting at my TV, “Shut the f*ck up, already!”

Why do I take pleasure in hearing people make total fools of themselves? See, I KNOW I can’t sing. Why don’t they?


16 thoughts on “Idol 6–Yes, Here We Go Again

  1. I cannot believe some of the things I heard tonight. I also cannot believe that I actually watched that show. And I’ll probably do it again next week.


  2. Ha! I watched part of that show. Had I realized earlier, that they were in Minnesota, I would have tuned in earlier.

    I grew up in MN and it was funny hearing the Midwest accents.

    Yeah, I suck…but I KNOW I suck. I’d never submit the rest of the world to the torture that is hearing me sing.

  3. I’ve found myself caught up in Idol the last couple of years too. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

    You know the end result will be horrible and terrifying, and the carnage will be devastating… but you just can’t make yourself look away.

    And it’s the only time when I’ll put up with what amounts to fingernails on a chalkboard.

    Damn you, Simon Cowell.

  4. I decided to watch this season and I had so much fun. I am a bit conflicted aswell because I fell so guilty laughing at those that think they can sing. I have to believe that some of these people just want to be on television. I felt so bad for the 16 year old guy. He was crushed and that was even more funny, yet I fell bad for him… anyway, let’s see what happens next show.

  5. The blond girl (who needed a good bra and said her look was sexy) and the black haired mother with matching harsh lipstick colors were scary as hell. OMG

  6. @ ALL

    I’ve been horrible about talking back to you guys on this post. Sorry.

    Here’s my thing: Yes, they are pretty brutal this season BUT, the show has been on for 6 seasons already. People know it is a TALENT competition. Something is wrong when so many people who have NEGATIVE talent show up and think they have a shot.

    I feel bad for the people who are borderline and don’t get advanced. I think they at least have some real interest in singing and actually suffer an ego blow. But Miss Matchy Mom???? Come on!! And the Cowardly Lion??? They can’t be serious. If they are, there should be many, many more delusional diagnoses.

    And maybe that’s it…AI is for narcissists and borderlines who can’t see their own faults. I don’t know. All I know is I have no problem realizing that I can’t sing and I sound better than tons of the cases I’m referring to. Why can’t they tell they suck?

  7. I’ve never watched the show, so I can’t comment on it. I am cursed with perfect pitch so it’s painful to listen to someone sing off-key. Think nails on blackboard.

    Dancers who can’t dance are easier to take.

  8. @ Heart

    Hey! There you are. I thought I was going to have to come knock on your window or something.

    Cursed with perfect pitch. You POOR dear.

  9. silly lex! i dare say, it took me all of three seconds to simply concede not to watch this season. my thought process went something like this:

    kelly and justin — hate it
    ruben and clay — hate it
    fantasia — haven’t heard a hit in months
    carrie — jesus take the wheel is all i ever want to hear
    simon — prick
    randy — tom…um…i mean, dawg
    paula — paula

    with these concepts in mind, i simulated a psychological disaster that i realized i could easily steer clear of if and only if i stop watching fox altogether. done.

    i happily don’t care that i can’t sing. i will make the rest of the world suffer with my dorm, friends, family, and you!


  10. I’m loving this season so far but I have to be honest and say that the audition round is my least favorite round. Mostly because they waste my time with 3 minute interviews and on the job shoots of people who don’t even get a golden ticket. As soon as they break into a long bit about someone, I KNOW they’re not going to make it through.

    But it’s all fun and games until someone throws a drink in Simon’s face so I’m good.

    I do think that a lot the people in retarded costumes and bizarre voices (Cowardly Lion, I’m glaring at YOU) are just there to get their 3 minutes on film. Hey, it’s more TV time than most of us get.

  11. I blame it on the parents. Some of those kids seem genuinely shocked that the judges didn’t like their audition. I think it’s their parents’ fault for telling their kids that the world revolves around them. That’s my theory.

    Lex, I watch too… Silly us.

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