English, please.

“But that is something else entirely.”

English for: “But that’s a whole ‘nother issue.”

English. Speak it.

7 thoughts on “English, please.

  1. I had an absurd experience today. I called a state agency and a recording told me to press 1 for English. I did, and they proceeded to give me very detailed instructions In English about how to contact them if I speak Spanish. It was about 4 minutes of rapid-fire English, which would have been completely lost on someone who speaks only Spanish.

    Our tax dollars at work. Yeah, boy.

  2. Are ytou speaking of someone pacific? I mean what pacifically do you mean by that shirt. I think I will go to Soufeast and ask my cousin Keef about it!

  3. I don’t want one of these t-shirts. I pretend like I don’t speak English several times a week to get out of talking with people.

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