Snow Days

the essentials~

  • 1 dozen 3 flavored cake-like donuts. Hostess are the best, but grab whichever ones are left after the crazies ransack the grocery store. One year I walked 1.5 miles in 2 feet of snow to get them. They’re that essential. The plain ones are mine. You guys can fight over the powdered and cinnamon ones.
  • Good hot chocolate fixings: good cocoa powder, good vanilla extract, good chocolate chips.
  • Blankie
  • Remote
  • Cereal and milk
  • Cheese and bread for grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Soup/stew/chili ingredients

That’s what I need to make a snow day perfect. What about you?


13 thoughts on “Snow Days

  1. @ mist1

    You are a true chef.

    @ Katrice

    If you say so. Funny how all my treats are sweet and yours are salty.

    @ Crankster

    No. But I shall. Thanks.

  2. Ohhhh… grilled cheese sammiches!!! That hadn’t even occurred to me, but now I think I’m going to get out my big old cast-iron skillet and have one!

    I made chili again on Saturday as soon as I heard the snow forecast, so at least I did THAT much right!!!

    I agree with your entire list 100%, but I want to add one more item:

    – someone else to shovel out my driveway

    Oh well… at least I got most of them covered. I’ll be shoveling later this afternoon. sigh

  3. @ Deb

    Yep! I sure am. I almost died going to work in the ice 3 weeks ago. No repeats.

    @ Andy

    Ah, yes. Someone else to shovel the snow. Downside of being single. I share your pain.

    @ HDD

    Yum. I made dark chocolate chipotle cookies for Christmas. Lovely combination indeed.

  4. Perhaps it is, and I am in denial. I like the quiet when other people are off.

    Are these snow days like for school, or do you have to make up the time?

  5. Okay, that is awesome.

    I could take time, but I’d feel guilty, and I don’t want to waste vacation time on days when I can’t drive.

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