I know I’m a dinosaur, but…

text messaging is for~

  • making sure there’ s nothing else you need to pick up at the grocery store
  • letting you know I made it in safely
  • calling someone’s attention to the funny thing in the room you can’t otherwise point out
  • GPS in a crowd
  • just saying “hi”, once in a while
  • cheating on a test
  • “writing” down a phone number or directions when you’re driving
  • news updates

text messaging is not for~

  • serious conversations
  • bringing up a topic that is difficult to discuss
  • propositioning for sex
  • or anything else you don’t have the balls to say out loud

Oh and Happy Valentine’s Day.


11 thoughts on “I know I’m a dinosaur, but…

  1. Hey now….if he is just a booty call, in my book, please don’t call me….just text and if I feel like it I will let you know! LOL. No need to converse with my “lively dildo!”

  2. @ Heart

    That’s cowardice at its worst.

    @ KMF

    You watch too much Sex in the City. Or maybe I do. I remember Miranda speaking of no need to talk to FB.

  3. I’m even MORE of a dinosaur then, Lexi. I don’t like text messaging AT ALL.

    Perhaps that’s because most of the ones I have received were more annoyance than anything.

    But hey, if I ever got one that’s a booty call… it’d make my day. Bring it on!


  4. @ Debbie


    @ Andy

    I’ve grown accustomed to texting, though I’ve gone kicking and screaming.

    The only reason you haven’t gotten that text is because I don’t have your number. 😉

    @ Katrice

    Yeah, but some things should just go unsaid. Or at the very least said to the right person!

  5. I got a text message yesterday from a friend who thought that he saw me get in a car accident.

    Apparently, he saw the wreck and continued on his way. He messaged me several hours later.

    I wish that I had responded:

    “Yes. Am in a coma.”

  6. I think text-sex is kind of cool. This is only with someone you have a good established relationship with – not an initial proposition.

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