I Think I Hate Winter…

I used to be such a fan.

This year she has totaled my car. Made me seem like the whiney wimp in the office since I won’t drive in the ice (or snow, truth be told). And she just held my crappy rental car captive in my parking space, perched atop a mound of ice as if it were playing King of the Mountain.

I’m moving to a warmer climate. Look for me in Dallas, or thereabouts!!!!


10 thoughts on “I Think I Hate Winter…

  1. Okay, I think I finally see your problem. It’s your CAR. I’m amazed it’s still in one piece! I can also see that, judging from your wheels (like an object in a rearview mirror), you are much smaller than you appear on your blog…how else could you fit into that tiny car?!

  2. You’re not a wimp.

    I have arranged my life so I don’t have to drive in this weather. My car won’t go forward on ice. I have to park downhill to have any hope of getting out. I don’t own a shovel, just a SNO-BRUM to push stuff off my car. Except for the ice that’s currently on him and, unlike previous years, not melting! I don’t have to, but I can walk to a grocery store if I have to, and take the train elsewhere.

    Did they not replace the rental?

  3. Today, I saw some genius who didn’t take the snow off his/her car, and it fell in great chunks, off the back, and onto the windshield over the driver’s side. This person made a turn and kept driving like that!

  4. I’m sorry you have to drive that piece of crap. Actually, the car in your picture looks a tad more powerful than the one they gave you.

    Let’s find you a new car so you can take that thing back.

  5. @ mist 1

    Dallas or the ATL. I’m headed to one of them.

    @ ~m~

    I don’t own a shovel either!! Mostly because I’ve never used one. I realized this morning that there was no one who’d already cleaned off my car and dug it out when I woke up. I resisted the urge to call Daddy and just did it myself. !#@$%^$

    No! They didn’t replace the shit car. They wanted to charge me for an upgrade.

    @ Katrice

    President’s Day sales this weekend. I hope to find something then.

  6. Come to Atlanta (imagine that Geoffrey guy’s voice saying “come to Jamaica” from those old commercials to get the full effect of my words.)

  7. Enterprise always tried to put me in a big-ass truck, even when the rentals were free for a couple years after I bought the car. They said they wanted to give me something equivalent to my car. I actually liked the trucks, because I enjoy riding high and big-ass side mirrors are sweet for parking.

    Shoveling hurts my back. (Actually, so does cleaning. And standing in line.) It’s so awkward! Next time, go ahead and call Daddy. Or just park at his house prior to snowfall.

    Right now, I wish I knew someone w/ a garage.

  8. @ Jali

    And in ATL I can “run on ribbons of” what?? I’m there at least once a year. It’s a consideration. Believe me.


    Parking at Daddy’s house next time is the best idea I’ve heard all day!!

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