New Love

My heart is defended by a wall the best armies cannot penetrate.

Tonight my heart was stolen.

I have a new love.

I was warmed, soothed and satisfied.

It was love at first taste.

Honey Lemon Sake



6 thoughts on “New Love

  1. @ Debbie

    There are just so many to try. Another challenge. I’m up for it.

    @ Mist1

    It’s a fifty, fifty-five dollar sake.

    @ Andy

    Never, babe. But we might have to have a couple of bottles of sake next to my Shiraz and your Chardonnay.

    @ Crankster

    That’s on the list to try, but a tried and true always jumps out of my mouth when it’s time to order. I’ll try to focus more next time.

    And, I’ve been by and left messages but your comments page eats them. I don’t know why. I’m actually more faithful than I appear.

  2. Sake is the one liquor to which I’m not allergic, but I’ve never tried honey-lemon. Are you sure it’s not a cough remedy?

    Love the picture.

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