2nd Post in an Hour

Can someone please explain to me why I just went into the ladies room at work to be greeted by a woman looking up at me from her “hovering” position over the toilet. Yes, ass all up in the air.

What is so hard about closing the stall door?


9 thoughts on “2nd Post in an Hour

  1. Maybe the door latch was broken. Or maybe she was raised, as they say, in a barn.

    I think Macarena’s question is possibly the answer we all seek. It takes a certain degree of extreme narcisism to watch yourself on the toilet.

  2. ~shivers~
    Further proving why I HATE public restrooms….
    That is one of the first things I look for in a job..How far is it from “home” and is there a private bathroom I can use. NO ONE else walking in and out.

  3. It’s happened to me too, and I was shocked. She smiled and said “hi.”

    I just left and used the bathroom elsewhere.

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